$139 Plane Seat Vs. $24 000 Plane Seat

So, this YouTube video is made by Buzzfeed, on their Vs season. They usually do food. Currently it’s trending on YouTube, #1.

The YouTube video, basically they compare three Airlines, JetBlue, on the A321. Some other airline in which I forgot, on a PC12. And SIA on the A380. There were a few moments were I cringed at the horrible aviation references, but otherwise I actually think this is a decent video!

What’s your opinions?

No fighting.


I would fly on the economy any day. If you are flying for 24,000 dollars, you either are trying to show off or you are just having a midlife crisis…


I agree with you, though come on, I mean if we had the money, we’d do it for the experience right?


You do know there are people with unimaginable amounts of money that can afford a plane ticket that costs $24,000. There are numerous daily flights where people travel in those expensive classes.


And I get that, but I think it is unnecessary. You are still going from Point A to Point B. Being in a plane is luxury…


I always try to find the cheapest deal as possible. I don’t think a $24,000 is a worth deal besides showing off like @Cole_Collins earlier said. I don’t mind being stucked at $139 seat imho


People have the money to spend, and if they want too its there problem.


Business travellers usually have their seat paid by a company, for long distance business class is the way to go. Plus you don’t have to be rich to fly, just smart. Airline deals, credit cards, glitches, etc. I flew on Emirates business class for cheaper than economy class on Qatar Airways, even though business on Emirates 777-200lr was a 2-3-2 layout. It was worth the price, and nowhere near the “Emirates business class cost”. It depends on the route, layover etc.


I didn’t say it was a problem, I’m just stating my opinion…


Very interesting video!
Very peculiar what the did with the Singapore Airlines A380 aswell. So they basically got a free ticket on a flight that wasn’t really a flight. Also consider that Singapore Airlines had to pay to power the aircraft with electricity and the crew member(s).
Also, I don’t know if many people noticed this, but they really highlited how “fresh” the food was on that last ticket. Could that be because they weren’t affected by the “reduction” in the sense of taste up in the air?


I saw the video today it was eh

If they really wanted to feature a “cheap” option, they should have opted for Spirit. I don’t think this accurately showed the viewers 3 different levels of service. The all you can fly one had nothing to do with B6 and SQ.


Well Singapore Airlines did this because of the free publicity…

You may be right about the taste observation, though I’m sure the food is still great in the air.

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I would say this was cool buuuttttt Buzzfeed can go do one (but this is cool because planes still)


The Pc-12 Airline is an airline called Surf Air


His sisters rejected him so hard 😂 Fun to watch!


Thanks I was looking for stuff to watch

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It’s buzzfeed so no thank you. I seen these types of videos however, simple the $139 plane seat will be ridiculously small, the $24000 seat will have a bed, self service, luxury food


I honestly don’t mind flying first class when it’s only $2000 for the flight and hotel round trip when you book on Expedia, 24k for a first class seat though, not worth it when you are only flying 10-20 hours

The other airline is Surf Air. I’ve flown with them before, they are a great airline.

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