13 Hour Flights to YSSY

Hey everyone,

So I’m looking for a flight currently landing in Sydney while I sleep and go to school which meets this criteria:

13-13.5 hours long
Optional but preferably useable with a Qantas 747

That’s basically it really, Id like to see your opinions.

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CYVR-YSSY Qantas 747

That’s 15.5 hours…

Middle East to Sydney.

India to Sydney.

Korea (?) to Sydney?

You can’t get to YSSY from NA in 13 hours unless from la

I didn’t say to exclusively fly put of NA.

Middle East is okay yet I already flew out of it, India is about an hour too short. Korea is 3 hours too short.

For your specifications, there aren’t a ton of options

Apart from the middle East, I can’t find much.

I said arriving. That’s around 14 hours.

OMDB-YSSY 13 Hours

Ive dine OMDB-NZAA, I don’t quite like repetition. That’ll be my last last resort.

Then try OMAA?

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It’s slightly long but it’s a good candidate.

10-20mins difference, but its a good route

I’ll wait for more candidates and make up my mind.

And you get to go by the South Pole

Gotta say:
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Hello, I would recommend KLAX to YSSY.

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Coming up a little short of your 13.5 hour flight request is the Johannesburg to Sydney route at 11h10m. It’s unique in that it’s the loneliest flight in the southern hemisphere flown by Qantas QF64.