[13 attending] Huge Phoenix Fly out | @KPHX 061500ZJUL19

Phoenix Skyharbor flyout


Airport Information

Phoenix Skyharbor is the biggest and busiest airport in the state of Arizona and it serves more than 40 million passengers annually.This airport is a hub for American Airlines and a focus city for Southwest
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Event Information

Server: Expert
Airport: KPHX
Time and date: 2019-07-06T15:00:00Z
▪ Spwan in 10-15 before the event starts
▪ Respect UNICOM and other pilots
▪ Request a special livery if you want one
▪ More Info will be given closer to the date of the event
▪ Not all routes could be added so just request one but it has to be a real life route
▪ Just have fun!!

Passenger gates

Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
01 Spirit A321 KDFW
02 Spirit A320 KMSP
03 United 737-800 KIAH
05 United 737-900 KORD
06A United 737-900 KEWR
06B United 737-900 KDEN
07 United 737-800 KIAD
08 United CRJ-900 KLAX
10 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KPDX
11 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KSEA
Terminal 3
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
15 Delta 737-800 KATL @Infinite_Qantas
16 Delta 737-900 KJFK
17 Delta A319 KCVG
18 Frontier A320 KCOS @Niccckk
19 Frontier A321 KORD
20 Delta E170 KLAX @Michael_Czyz
21 Delta 737-800 KSLC
22 Delta A321 KDTW
23 JetBlue A320 KFLL
24 Hawaiian 767-300 PHNL
25 JetBlue A321 KBOS
26 JetBlue A321 KJFK
Terminal 4 (A)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
A1 American CRJ-700 KLBB
A2 American 737-800 KMEM
A3 American 737-800 KOKC
A4 American CRJ-700 KPSP @Kevinsoto1502
A5 American A321 KPHL
A6 American 737-800 KRDU
A8 American CRJ-900 KFAT
A9 American 737-800 KMIA @iLike2Fly_787
A10 American A320 KMIA
A11 American A321 KSEA
A12 American 737-800 KSTL
A14 American 737-800 KABQ
A17 American CRJ-700 KELP
A18 American CRJ-900 KBUR
A19 American A319 KOMA @Capt_Ced
A21 American 737-800 KIND
A22 American 757-200 PHNL
A23 American A320 KLAX
A24 American A321 KBOS
A25 American 737-800 KMSP
A26 American A320 MMMX
A27 American 737-800 KLAS
A29 American 737-800 KPIT
Terminal 4 (B)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
B1 American 737-800 KORD
B2 American A320 KBOI
B3 American CRJ-900 KONT
B4 American 737-800 KSAT
B5 American CRJ-700 KBFL
B6 American CRJ-700 KMCI
B7 American CRJ-200 KGJT
B8 American CRJ-200 KROW
B9 American CRJ-900 KLGB
B12 American CRJ-900 KLAX
B13 Westjet 737-800 CYYC
B14 American CRJ-200 KFLG
B15 American CRJ-700 KFSD
B16 Westjet 737-700 CYVR
B17 American A320 KPDX
B18 American CRJ-900 KSBA
B19 Air Canada A321 CYYZ
B20 Volaris A319 MMGL
B21 American 737-800 KJFK @Gtmkm98
B22 American A320 KTPA
B23 British Airways 747-400 EGLL @Adam_Goodman
B24 Air Canada A319 CYUL
B25 American 777-300ER EGLL
B26 American A321 KDFW
B27 American 737-800 KDSM
Terminal 4 (C & D)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
C1 Southwest 737-800 KATL
C2 Southwest 737-700 KDAL
C3 Southwest 737-800 KSJC
C6 Southwest 737-700 KAUS @Suhas
C7 Southwest 737-800 KOAK
C8 Southwest 737-800 KRDU
C9 Southwest 737-700 KSMF
C11 Southwest 737-700 KLIT
C12 Southwest 737-800 KCLE @JeromeJ
C13 Southwest 737-800 KMCO
C14 Southwest 737-700 KRNO
C15 Southwest 737-700 KTUL
C16 Southwest 737-800 KLAX
C17 Southwest 737-700 KMDW
C19 Southwest 737-700 KMCI
D1 Southwest 737-800 KMKE
D2 Southwest 737-700 KSLC
D3 Southwest 737-700 KAUS @BadPlane
D4 Southwest 737-800 KSFO
D5 Southwest 737-700 KELP
D6 Southwest 737-800 KSNA
D7 Southwest 737-800 KLGA
D8 Southwest 737-700 KCVG @Matthew_20204

Cargo gates

Cargo Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination
South Cargo R01 FEDEX MD-11F KMEM
South Cargo R02 FEDEX 777-200F KIND
South Cargo R03 FEDEX C208 KHII
South Cargo R04 UPS MD-11F KSDF
South Cargo R05 UPS MD-11F KABQ
South Cargo R06 DHL 757-200 KSAN


If your interested in sponsoring this event just PM me

Supported by @Matt_Croatia001

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Where’s the condor 767 and AA777?

We don’t have a Condor livery unless you want to fly in a generic livery and I’ll add the American 777 I forgot to add it

Can I have FedEx to Memphis

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I’d like gate A20 in a US Airways 757-200 to KDCA

I’ll add you see you there

I want to keep as realistic as possible and US Airwys doesn’t exist anymore so could you please pick another gate

Well, for realism, I’d like to fly US Airways as KPHX was their biggest hub until American Airlines bought them, therefore giving AA a new hub.

So do you want an American 757 to KDCA

I’d like gate A20 to KDCA in a US Airways 757-200.

Yeah but that is what im saying i dont want a US Airways livery because its not realistic but ill add you in American livery to KDCA

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Nah, I’d like US Airways. In fact, since this is US Airways’ biggest hub, I’d like to sponsor it as US Airways Virtual’s COO.

Sign up if you can

I’ll take this gate. Thanks. :)

Great!! Your all signed up

As Phoenix is my home base I will sign up for Gate A19 to KOMA on an A319

I’ll have C12 please

Can I have A22 to Honolulu?

What Airline

@anon45500775 @JeromeJ you guys are signed up

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