[13 ATTENDING!] Flashback to the 90s Flyout! [Let's Recreate A Live Airport No. 3] @VHXX 232100ZNOV19

Let’s Recreate a Live Airport Part 3: Kai Tak

This event will be on Saturday, November 23, 2019. It is a part of a once-a-month series called, “Let’s Recreate a Live Airport” in collaboration with @Sir_Baller . In each event thread, a poll will be posted deciding the next airport. Airport Suggestions are strongly suggested. This event was made in collaboration with @Sir_Baller .

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Server : Expert

Airport : VHXX

Time : 2019-11-23T22:00:00Z

NOTAM : Pattern Work is not allowed at any event in this series. Straight out departures only. Departing Runway 13, Landing Runway 13. No aircraft larger than a 747-400 allowed.

Image Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/aviation/comments/3xgsbu/kai_tak/[/spoiler]

About the Airport: Kai Tak airport was, until it’s closure in 1998, was the main airport of Hong Kong, China. Because of the extremely dangerous approach, as well as a request by multiple airlines for an airport with a higher capacity, the airport was closed, with the last departing flight being Cathay Pacific CX3340. It was a ferry flight to the new Hong Kong International Airport (Airbus A340-300) and it took off from Runway 13 at 01:05.


Gate Route Airline Aircraft User Callsign
1 KSFO United (Old) B777-200ER @Thunderbolt35 NCS027
2 EDDF Lufthansa B747-400 @A350Flyer LH797
3 WSSS Singapore DC-10 @rockpapernuke
4 RJAA Japan Airlines MD-11 @Altaria55
5 KSEA Northwest DC-10 @snoman
6 EHAM KLM B747-200
7 LFPG Air France DC-10 @Johanes
8 KLAX American B777-200ER
MA15 NZAA Air New Zealand DC-10
MA16 EGLL British Airways DC-10 @Captain_Tank
MA17 CYVR Air Canada B747-200
MA18 KSFO Continental DC-10
MA19 WIII Garuda Indonesia MD-11
MA20 ZBAA China Airlines MD-11
MA21 LSZH Swiss MD-11
MA22 VTBS Thai MD-11 @infiniteflight_schoo
MA23 KMSP Northwest B747-200
MA24 ZSPD Cathay Pacific A330-300
MA25 RCTP China Airlines A330-300
MA26 KDFW American B777-200ER @Sir_Baller NCS002
MA27 RJTT Japan Airlines B777-200ER
MA28 WMKK Malaysian B777-200ER
MA29 KSFO Cathay Pacific B747-400
MA30 YSSY Qantas B747-400 @ThePlaneFlyer QF10
MA31 RKSI Korean Airlines A330-300
MA32 PHNL United (Old) B777-200ER
MA33 VABB Air India B747-400
MA34 RPLL Philippines Airlines MD-11
MA35 LIRF Alitalia B747-200
MA36 WSSS Singapore DC-10 @Leong_Qi_Wei_819
C41 PANC FedEx (Old) DC-10F
C43 RJBB Generic MD-11F @BadPlane NCS003
C45 KLAX Arrow Air DC-10F
C46 EHAM Netherlands Air Force DC-10F @PeopleLion

More gates will be added if needed! And I will also take any reasonable requests!


Can you make it training so I can go? If you can I’ll take the qantas 747 to YSSY

Maybe, but you should try to get to grade 3! What are you missing and I can help you easily!

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Landings and time.

For landings, I recommend flying around EHAM, and for time, just do some overnights!

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Ok, I’ll try

This is what I did.


Put me down for the qantas for now and I’ll tell you when I’m at grade 3. Thanks for the help

Callsign will be QF10

Ok, thanks for coming!

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I wish I could join, but unfortunately it can’t fit into my busy weekend schedule. Huge props to you for showing some love for Hong Kong though :)

Thank you, make sure to check our other flyouts too!

i’ll fly to singapore on the DC! huge thanks for featuring Kai Tak.

Is it possible for me to do a flight to WSSS on the DC as well becase it is one of the routes in my VA

Is there any route that is only 3-4 hours long?

Hi I’ll be taking Gate 2 to EDDF in the Lufthansa 744. Callsign is LH797.

I will take this route

Wouldn’t it be great to have a flyin event at Kai Tak?

I’m shure everybody would crash on the hard approach

Let’s do it on Casual then, I think it would be a lot of fun. ☺️