[13 attending][Completed]Let’s deliver Airbus @LFBO - 151400ZJUN19

EasyJet A320 to Luton.

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You sure can!

Thanks I will add that. Do you want to fly that route?

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Added you!

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I’ll use A319

I will add you now

I do not have time unfortunately.

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A little bit of a bump

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Give me a route in Europe

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Ok is Frankfurt ok for you?
@BadPlane what do you mean.

please could i have gate B06 to Sydney
Qantas A380

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Can I join plz? Tell me what airplane and route I will do it!

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@Captain_Tank You sure can!
@Ghost_pilot As your profile picture is a Lufthansa A380 you can delivery your profile picture.

All schedules for departure will be announced on the Day!

I meant @Ghost_pilot profile picture.

Sure then please

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I was bumping the topic

Oh thank you!

I am sorry but I cant attended anymore. Sorry. I jsut realized that I am going to summer camp. Have a good day.👋

Hi can you please add me to a gate. I will be there. But can you please tell me what is the particular landing airport. I mean in which airport we will end our flight?
Also will there be ATC active during the time of our flight?