13 Attending | City Of Celebrations Flyout! | @ YSSY - 260000ZMAY19


can I change my route, gate and plane please?


Yep! What gate, route, aircraft and airline would you like?


Gate 2-52, Jetstar A320 to YMML


I’ve changed you!


All Attendees

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Due to Mothers day, I’ve decided to push the event back to 2019-05-25T23:00:00Z

If you can no longer make it because of this change, please let me know. Thanks!


Sorry Im going in vacations that day,


Ok, I’ve removed you.


I’m pretty sure I can make that, but I might not be able to.


26 May!? I am very happy to be able to come because you postpone the date, because the previous date I was hesitant and when this is a new change I will be very able to come


I can make it


I need to cancel as I will not make it.


Ok, I’ve removed you.

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I haven’t had any sign ups in a while!

Sign Up!


I’ll see if I’m available


In your last posts, you have been replying with a very short sentence, like “yes, that’s impressive” or I’ll see if I am available”, all that in 20 posts within 7mins. Check your schedule, make sure you can attend the event and reserve a gate. Not sure if this whole thing happens only to increase your TL, but make sure your reply has some information on what you want to say. Don’t just post, only to post.


Air India b788 to Delhi any gate terminal 1


You’ve got 1-61. See you there!