13 Attending | City Of Celebrations Flyout! | @ YSSY - 260000ZMAY19


Lets fill the City of Celebrations!


Gate 2-49 please to ymml


could i go standby american 787-9 to lax


don’t worry I’ll be back for a gate and flight later


@sherwyn_sequeira, you have been placed on standby

@joshua_morrissette, you have 2-49. See you there!


can I have gate 58 Singapore A380, SQ232 to WSSS


Yep! See you there!


Sounds great, keep on advertising. I’ll plan on going to this as to support my home airport (YSSY) but I won’t make a gate request because I may not be able to attend.


I can put you on Standby if you’d like!


Sure thing! Just need to be reminded like a day or two ahead, thanks!


Sure! I’ve got you on the list!


Can I have gate 1-24 in a Thai Airways 747-400 heading to VTBS?


Yep! See you there!


Thanks, I’ll be in a Qantas aircraft but I don’t know what type or where I’m going until probably on the day.


Sign Up!


Hi. May I request a flight change to a Qantas 767 to AKL? I’m currently signed up as a Air Canada 777-200LR to YVR. Thx


Hi! Qantas doesn’t currently operate the 767 on commercial services. Qantas operates to Auckland with the 737-800 and the A330. Which one of them would you like?


Ok. Well in that case maybe an Air New Zealand 787 will do.


Sure! I’ll switch you now.


Thank you.