13.02.21 - Kuwait@ OERK to OKBK

Riyadh To Kuwait City

Aircraft / livery: Boeing 777-300ER | Saudia or Kuwait Airways

Route: OERK —> OKBK (Riyadh to Kuwait City)

Date: Saturday 13th February 2021

Time of Departure: 13:00 GMT

Server: Training Server

There are no assigned gates, please just take an available gate at OERK (777 either Saudia or Kuwait)

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Hey, this is a nice flight, but when deciding your topic name, please follow the #live:groupflights rules, which you can have a look below. About The GroupFlights Category - #3

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Also as this is on February 10th It should be in #live:events , as per Group flights category rules the group flight should be within the 3 hours of the post.

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This looks like fun, but the only problem is that I would still be in school. Perhaps if you could delay the start or like change the date or something, maybe I could join. If not, I totally understand :)

Changed to Saturday 13th feb same time…

Ok perfect, I’ll be attending in that case. See u there

you cannot change the time so it goes past the 4 hour rule

Please reply if you’d like to be a part

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