12SEP22 / 0330Z Always Remember @KADW

On September 11, 2001 the USA 🇺🇸 Was Sadly attacked today we remember the lives of those who died in the towers on the ground the firefighters pilots and love ones who were killed on that day. And we remember the thousands of troops who died in the war join me as we fly over the Pentagon and New York City in this memorial flight in the Blue Angels F-18


Airport:Andrews AFB KADW


Photo Credit

Air Force Thunderbirds, Navy Blue Angels debut ‘Super Delta’ formation – Orlando Sentinel

Parking Assignments

Parking Stand Plane Pilot
West Apron 08 E Blue Angel 1 F-18 @Ethan_Brown
West Apron 08 D Blue Angel 2 F-18 @United403
West Apron 08 C Blue Angel 3 F-18 @flyin_hawaiian
West Apron 08 B Blue Angel 4 F-18 @Aviation_Jerry
West Apron 08 A Blue Angel 5 F-18
West Apron 07 A Blue Angel 6 F-18
West Apron 07 B Blue Angel 7 F-18
West Apron 07 C Fat Albert C-130H

ATC @Butter575

Please have your callsign be your “Blue Angel Number” my goal is for us to have us flying in a delta formation during the flight


Only 7 Slots Available please sign up ⬆️

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Event is in 3 days

Not sure if I can make it but I will try

I’ll take this.
May we always remember those who died on that horrific September day

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You’re signed up

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What time MST is 0230Z?

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8:30 on September 11 in MDT

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Pm or am??

PM sorry should have been specific

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I’ll actually be able to make it, I’ll take any blue Angels spot

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You are good to go.

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This is being postponed by an hour

Sweet! I can make it then.

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I will take Blue angel 4

You’re signed up

May I join this @Ethan_Brown

@Ethan_Brown Can it be the Training server?

When should we spawn?

now i guess, spawn in training, heʻll prob go in if we are already in

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