12SEP21 / 0100Z - Mass Takeoff Event @ KATL (POSTPONED TO 9/26)

Summary: Welcome to the Infinite Flight Mass Takeoff Event! This event will be special as it is a group photo with users from all over! We will have everyone takeoff with as a massive group. The goal is try to make a photo similar to this.

Photo I’m talking about.


The airport of origin is KATL and it will take place on the Casual Server.
And the event is at 0100Z (5:00 pm PST)

Roles: We have 3 roles available for anyone who want to help out and are responsible enough to categorize aircraft. If you wish to be one, PM me.

These helpers will keep everything organized by escorting out of place aircraft into their groups. (GA, Regional, Medium haul, Long haul.) Choose any aircraft, but make yourselves stand out so I know who you are. (Make a callsign that starts with HE # to show that you are a helper. Ex: if you are helper #2 your Callsign would be HE2 (I recommend you attach your IFC account so that I can see that you are one of my helpers)

Here are the rules

The rules: (aircraft are sorted into categories. (GA, Short haul, medium haul. Long haul.) You will spawn into your group (look at map for reference) Any out of place aircraft are to be escorted to their designated spots via a helper. They will have HE at the front of their callsign.

After sorting, all helpers report to me. When ready, the follow me plane, an IF Cessna 172 (me), will pass by each group. Starting with the /GA section. After the GA section begins to follow the follow me plane, the other groups will follow as such. Short haul, medium haul, long haul. We will line up on the runway starting with the helpers followed by the GA aircraft etc. Takeoff will begin as soon as everyone is lined up. The follow me plane will start off followed by everyone else.

Here’s a map showing the sections, and the route where I will be taxiing.

Keep in mind each section leaves left to right. Meaning the side in which T01A is will leave first. This means that after T01A’s line is gone, the gate across will follow with their line behind them.

P.S. this is my first event, so please tell me if there are issues with this. Thank you! And yes this is allowed, I asked the mods.

This sounds sick! Great idea mate! I hope goes well! I wish I could join but the time isn’t the best for me! But I bet others will join!

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Thank you! I hope other will join!

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