12SEP20 / 2200Z The Eureka Flyout @KACV [COMPLETED]

THE EUREKA FLYOUT - California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport

Summary: California Redwood Coast – Humboldt County Airport, also known as Arcata–Eureka Airport and Arcata Airport, is in Humboldt County, California, 8 miles north of Arcata and 15 miles north of Eureka, in McKinleyville, California.

Server: Training Server

Airport: KACV

Time: 12SEP20 / 2200Z or 2020-09-12T22:00:00Z

There will be 2 waves of traffic for this flyout. If you are in the first, make sure to notify the private chat that will be made right before the event that you are clear of your gate so the second wave can spawn in.



Wave Gate Livery Aircraft Callsign Destination Pilot
1 GATE 1 United E170 United - Skywest 5313 San Fransisco(KSFO) @Mukundan_Srivatsa
1 GATE 2 United 737-700 United - United 5226 Denver(KDEN) @KBUR_Aviation
1 GATE 3 United CRJ-200 United - Skywest 5349 San Francisco(KSFO) @anon74260613
2 GATE 1 United E170 United - Skywest 5329 Los Angeles(KLAX) @Oskapew
2 GATE 2 United CRJ-700 United - Skywest 5341 Los Angeles(KLAX) @anotherhuman
2 GATE 3 United Dash 8 Q400 United - Skywest 5700 San Francisco(KSFO) @Infinite_flight_FRA

General Aviation:

GA Apron Livery Aircraft Callsign Destination Pilot
Apron 1 YellowBlue C172 N154LX Crescent City(KCEC)
Apron 2 Default C172 Y128DB Siskiyou Co(KSIY)
Apron 3 Yellow Xcub B998MF Murray Fld(KEKA)
Apron 4 Private SR22 E394HH Rohnerville(KFOT) @GameBoy_KIRB
Apron 5 Private 1 C208 G833SA Medford(KMFR)
Apron 6 F-HATZ C172 F-HATZ Hoopa(O21)
Apron 7 Red Stripe TBM-930 R333TR Redding(KRDD) @Stellar_G
Apron 8 Private 2 C208 D364JN Red Bluff(KRBL)
Apron 9 Generic SR22 G574GT Brookings(KBOK)
Apron 10 Sea Blue TBM-930 C643CY Southbend(KOTH) @MacGyver
Apron 11 N1322K C172 N1322K Ruth(T42)
Apron 12 Orange and Gray Xcub T658GH Andy Mc Beth(S51)
Apron 13 Maroon TBM-930 A1256F Chico(KCIC)
Apron 14 Navy Blue TBM-930 68V6V6 Crater Lake Klamath Rgl(KLMT)
Apron 15 Generic TBM-930 W553HG Little River(KLLR)


Hangar Livery Aircraft Callsign Destination Pilot
Hangar 1 Civil Air Patrol C172 Civil Air Patrol 532 Shelter Cove(0Q5)
Hangar 2 Civil Air Patrol C172 Civil Air Patrol 533 Shelter Cove(0Q5)

I hope to see you there, and I know i’m not the only one who wants the Continental and new United CRJ-200/E170/175 in the game! 🤚


Man this is doing very poorly :/

It’s only been 13hours… I hope it’s a great event!

Here I’ll bump it up for you ;)

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Yes it is a great airport! I made a topic on it a while back

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I’ll take this gate please!

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All signed up 👍

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Thank you!

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I added in the CRJ-700 for some plane diversity(lol) and the Dash 8 Q400 to replace the EMB-120

I am also heading to LAX with the CRJ-200!

Can I choose gate 1 wave 2 ?

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I think I’m going to fly in from LAX before the event, never done that before.

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Yep. All signed up

Here’s the airport
It’s got really cool views!
Soarin’ Over California

No comment in 2 days…

I’ll take this gate please

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all signed up :) 👍

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Alright. We need 2 more commercial sign ups!

If you sign up for any of the last 2 gates and want a change to a CRJ-200 lmk

Can I have this one? Thanks!

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All signed up 🤗

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