12SEP20 / 2100Z - Birthday event @ KIAH to KEWR

Summary: this will be a United Flight any callsign can go as long as it has UA UAL and 3-4 numbers (example: UA2380 or UAL2380) any aircraft with United livery (exept for the A350 and the CRJ-700) can go along with the spirit a321 if you fly the spirit your callsign NK or NKS and 3 numbers (eample: NK712 NKS703) for North departures copy UA221 FPL for east departures copy UA220

Server: Expert Server
Departure: KIAH 15L and 15R
Arrival: KEWR 4R or 22L
Time: septeber 12th 21:00 zulu

Aircrafts that are allowed

For those wanting to do the north departures


You have to get the title right for your event. There are rules for that.

You can check them out here.

The title should look like this:

12SEP20 / 7000Z - Birthday event @ KIAH

Please change that. Good luck with your event!

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There changed

Do you plan on joining?

Hey there! Your title says 0700Z which is 2020-09-12T07:00:00Z my time

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