12SEP20 / 2000Z YouTuber group flight! @EGLL - KJFK

Welcome to a YouTuber group flight! This route takes us from London to New york!! Join me on this 6 hour flight with other YouTubers!
Server: Expert

Airport: EGLL - KJFK

Time: 2000Z / 2020-09-12T20:00:00Z

Aircraft: British Airways 777-200ER

Photos: image


T3 Gate 14 | @modernaviator
T3 Gate 13 | @FlightisticYT
T3 Gate 15 | @ORD777flyer

YouTube Channel Link will be requested to confirm that you are a YouTuber

Nobody yet ?:(


Is see your event is well organized but are there any Gate assignments?

Try reading this.

Event Rules

Hi! A gate will be assigned when someone signs up!

Hello! I think if you put a little more effort into this, people will sign up.

Add things like gates, information about the airport(s), graphics, and better photos. Right now, your event doesn’t look attractive (no offense). However, if you touch it up, it will look much better!


I’ll come. I’ll take a gate

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Hey! Can I get a channel link please?

Hi, can I join, my channel name is modernaviator

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Hey! You can have T3 gate 14!

Oh Jack the Aviator that’s my channel name

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Alright! You can have T3 Gate 15!

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Thank you sir

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Thank you sir!


Whats the minimum amount of followers?

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1 follower.

Excellent flight, even though it was 3 days ago

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Yeah, I had something come up. Sorry.

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