12OCT20 / 2300Z: From The Bakrie Tower To The Marina Bay Sands @WIII-WSSS

From The Bakrie Tower To The Marina Bay Sands @WIII-WSSS

  • Aircraft and Livery: Singapore 77W, Garuda Indonesia 77W, AirAsia A320, Lion Air 739, Malindo 739, Batik A320, JetStar A320

  • Route: WIII-WSSS

  • Time of Departure: 2020-10-12T23:00:00Z.

  • Server: Expert

  • Flight Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Additional Information: Please let me know if you’re joining! I will add you to a PM to send logistics & gates, will only be making a list here of who all are joining.

The chart below IS NOT for gate signups. It is only to see who is attending in what livery.

Attendees Airline
@ran GA 77W
@nativetoalaska SQ 77W

I’ll tag along, don’t have anything else to do this afternoon

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Sounds good!
Any airline you’ll be taking in particular?

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mmmmmm, probably the singapore 77W, haven’t gotten a chance to try that one out yet

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Sounds good, you’re all set!

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Departing in 45 minutes!

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