12OCT20 / 2100Z - Eva Air Triple 7 @ RCTP to WSSS

Eva Air Triple Seven - Taipei to Singapore

Hi all! I will be holding a small group flight from Eva Air’s Taipei Hub to the small city of Singapore!

The flight time for today’s flight in estimated 4 hours! You are free to choose the newly reworked 77W Eva Air or A333 China Airlines! This flight should be fun and I am hoping for some awesome ATC Service on our approach!


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Event Information

Flight Time (Departure / Arrival Times) - 4:00 / 2020-10-12T21:00:00Z2020-10-13T01:00:00Z

Aircraft / Livery - 777-300ER Eva Air or A330-300 China Airlines

Route - RCTP (Taipei) to WSSS (Singapore)

Server - Expert

PM Will be created prior to event :)


I will try to come if I dont have a IFATC Training Session which I believe I will have.

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Anyone? :) 20 minutes away!

When’s your next one?

I was going to make one tonight but i’m not sure if anyone will join 😂

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Oh lol I have remote learning tmrw so maybe i can

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Overnighter? I’ll come

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