12OCT / 0100z - Canaries to the Land Down Under! @GCLP

Canaries to the Land Down Under!

Join me as we take high-profile clients to the land down under! This flight is special, clocking in at almost 24 hours we will utilize @AndrewWu’s guide for step-climbing! This isn’t special to beta, if you are on 20.1 come join us in any livery!

  • Aircraft and Livery : 77L, Crystal (any livery if using 20.1)

  • Route : Gando (Grand Canaria) 🇪🇸 - Sydney 🇦🇺

  • Time of Departure : → 2020-10-12T01:00:00Z

  • Server : Expert server

  • Additional Information:

Altitude: Step-climbing, more info will be given in a PM!
Speed: 230/285/.73 (set A/P to .84)


  • I won’t be responsible for any violations,
  • please respect the controllers (IFATC)
  • have fun!

This flight looks super cool! Definitely a unique idea and something super tempting to try. However, I am currently flying and will not be on the ground in time to make it, and also have school and other commitments tomorrow. Keep me in mind if you ever want to try this (or something similar) again though. I’m a sucker for ultra long hauls. Good luck on the trip! Hopefully the plane’s range holds up long enough to actually land haha.

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