12NOV20 / 1500Z - Polish Independence Day Flyout @EPWA [FINISHED]

Hello IFC!

Polish Independence Day Flyout

Welcome to my first Infinite Flight Community Event! This event will be celebrating Polish Independence Day! And the best way to do it is to present to you a Warsaw Flyout at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport. While Polish Independence Day is actually on November 11, it’s still a good way to celebrate this day with the Polish Infinite Flight Community. Shout-out to @Marcel001 and all the Polish IFC members!

Thnaks to @Balloonchaser for the event tutorial! Check it out here:Infinite Flight Community Event Tutorial


Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland, is home to some of many Poland’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Historic Centre of Warsaw.

Warsaw Frédéric Chopin Airport


The following routes and gates are available for this flyout:

Terminal Gates
Gate Airline Destination Dest ICAO Aircraft Pilot
Gate 1 LOT Polish Airlines Frankfurt EDDF E170
Gate 2 LOT Polish Airlines Madrid LEMD E170
Gate 3 LOT Polish Airlines Luxembourg ELLX E170
Gate 4 LOT Polish Airlines Venice LIPZ E195
Gate 5 LOT Polish Airlines Nice LFMN E195
Gate 6 LOT Polish Airlines Beirut OLBA E195
Gate 7 LOT Polish Airlines Antalya LTAI B738
Gate 8 LOT Polish Airlines Yerevan UDYZ B738
Gate 9 LOT Polish Airlines Chicago KORD B788
Gate 10 LOT Polish Airlines New York KJFK B788
Gate 10L LOT Polish Airlines Sofia LBSF E170
Gate 11 LOT Polish Airlines Singapore WSSS B788
Gate 13 LOT Polish Airlines Incheon RKSI B788
Gate 14 LOT Polish Airlines Tiblisi UGTB B738 @Captain_Awerty
Gate 15 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi OMAA B77W @Mick0
Gate 16 Qatar Airways Doha OTHH B788 @Tayab_Mir
Gate 17 Emirates Dubai OMDB B77W
Gate 18 Turkish Airlines Istanbul LTFM A321
Gate 19 TUI Punta Cana MDPC B788
Gate 20 TAP Air Portugal Lisbon LPPT A320
Gate 21 Aegean Athens LGAV A320 @11138
Gate 22 Aeroflot Moscow Shermeteyevo UUEE A320
Gate 23 KLM Amsterdam EHAM E190
Gate 24 Brussels Airlines Brussels EBBR A319
Remote Stands
Gate Airline Destination Dest ICAO Aircraft Pilot
Remote Stand 37L LOT Polish Airlines Budapest LHBP DH8D
Remote Stand 37R LOT Polish Airlines Kraków EPKK DH8D
Remote Stand 38 LOT Polish Airlines Szczecin EPSC DH8D
Remote Stand 39 Austrian Airlines Vienna LOWW DH8D @PATOU95
Remote Stand 40 airBaltic Riga EVRA DH8D
Remote Stand 41 Air France Paris LFPG A319
Remote Stand 42 Wizz Air Rome LIRF A321
Remote Stand 43 Wizz Air Liverpool EGGP A321
Remote Stand 43B Lufthansa Munich EDDM CRJ9
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Destination Dest ICAO Aircraft Pilot
Cargo Apron 61 DHL Leipzig EDDP B77F
Cargo Apron 62 UPS Hong Kong VHHH B77F @Fish
Cargo Apron 63 Fedex Paris LFPG B77F @A350pilot
Choose Your Own Routes
Gate Airline Destination Dest ICAO Aircraft Pilot
Remote Stand 74 Wizz Air Budapest LHBP A320 @Errigal
Remote Stand 73 Up to B747/A380
Remote Stand 72 Up to B747/A380
Remote Stand 71 LOT Polish Airlines Prague LKPR B738 @Czech_pilot_Oliver


  • Pilots attending are responsible for their own flight planning and fuel load.
  • Respect others in the airspace and maintain appropriate seperation at all times.
  • I’m not responsible for any violations that occur during the event.
  • Maintain proper use of UNICOM and IFATC (if applicable).
  • The event will be on the Expert Server

To sign up, reply by quoting the route you want, and you’ll be registered if the route and gate requested is available. Sign-up is based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Make sure to read the NOTAM before signing up

This might be a sign for things to come, who knows

Thank you for reading & I hope to see you all there!


Great event!

I’ll get this gate!

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Oh wait, EDDL is dusseldorf, Leipzig is EDDP

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@Kuba_Jaroszczyk @Igor_M @Captain_Awerty gotta come here!


Oof yup just saw that

@Marcel001 You’re signed up! I hope to see you there!

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I’m in. Cargo Apron 62 is my go.


@Fish you are signed up! Looking forward to see you there!

More sign-ups are welcome

bumping this up…

Event in 10 days!

I’ll take this flight!

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@Captain_Awerty you’re signed up!

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One week left!

I’ll have this one please!

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@A350pilot signed up!

Thanks a lot!

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5 days to go!

4 days to go!