12MAY24 Denver to Cancun Group Flight

Welcome to Denver! In this event we will be taking the 3 and a half hour trek down to Cancun, the most popular international flight from Denver! This flight had around 650,000 people travel on it last year! The route goes from the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains to the beaches of Cancun! The route is operated by 3 airlines, all of which have big bases at Denver, which are Frontier, Southwest, and United. Frontier has a daily flight on the A321, Southwest has 8 weekly flights on a mix of 737-700 and 737-800, and United has 1 777-200 flight and 2 737-900ER flights a day. Come join us in Denver!

Event Time - Sunday, May 12, 2024 5:00 PMSunday, May 12, 2024 9:00 PM

Frontier Airlines
Gate Plane Pilot
A32 A321 -
A34 A321 -
A36 A321 -
A38 A321 -
A40 A321 -
A42 A321 -
A44 A321 -
A46 A321 -

⚠️ More gates will not be added ⚠️

Southwest Airlines
Gate Plane Pilot
C23 B738 @Cole_Woodard
C24 B737 -
C25 B738 -
C26 B737 -
C27 B738 -
C28 B737 -
C29 B738 -
C31 B737 -
C33 B737 -
C35 B738 -
C37 B737 -

🟢 More gates to be added if needed 🟢

United Airlines
Gate Plane Pilot
B31 B739 -
B32 B772 @Prestoni
B35 B739 -
B36 B772 @United403
B37 B739 -
B38 B772 -
B39 B739 -
B41 B739 -
B42 B772 -
B43 B739 -

🟢 More gates to be added if needed 🟢

I am not responsible for violations
Follow all ATC Instructions
Respect all other planes and player
Be professional, it is 2024 if your curious
Listed planes at Gate assignments will not be changed
Use a current airline livery given in each drop down
Have fun!

ATC Assignments

Denver ATC

ATIS Ground Tower Departure Center
- - - - -

Cancun ATC

ATIS Ground Tower Approach Center
- - - - -

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Event is canceled, I have decided to completely quit Infinite Flight, sorry for the inconvenience.