12MAY21 / 1830Z - Flash Flight: Beach is Better @ LFPG

Want to make Paris airport as busy as it can be? Well, if you do, join our team as we fly from Paris to Nice on the Expert Server. Flying in France is always a treat, and the two airports are no exception. With 3D buildings and objects for those in Open Beta at Paris, and some amazing visual approaches into Nice, this flight will be full of excitement from A to B!

You can fly any aircraft, however we’ll be in the Air France A318. EasyJet also fly this route, so you can hope in their A319 or A320 if you wish! Our moderator @AdamCallow will be leading this flight, so keep an eye out for his vibrant purple tag!

For more information on our Open Beta, please head to 21.1 Open Beta | Infinite Flight.

These events can lead to amazing photos, and the best shots from this event will be retweeted on Twitter and posted on Instagram!. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use the hashtag #infiniteflight. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!

Event Specifics

Origin Airport Destination Airport Suggested Aircraft Suggested Airline Flight Duration STAR Approach
LFPG LFMN A318 Air France 1h20 VEVA6R R22LD


Event Hours:

Begin - Wednesday 12th May @ 18:30 ZULU

End - Wednesday 12th May @ 20:00 ZULU

May 12, 2021May 12, 2021


Very cool FlashFlight Misha! I would join but I can’t :(

Babybus A318! This will be fun

looks cool, was thinking about doing a flight some time to Nice. This might be my chance

A very Nice flight!

Can’t join, the flight’s at 12:30AM for me lol 😅

though I really wish I could

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Y’all are so nice making this as soon as @Robertine moved to France. 🥰

Cool Flash Flight! Sadly I might not be able to come.


This is very nice and although idk if its done on purpose ill just imagine it is and be happy

Thanks @MishaCamp lol


Nice flight! Gonna be there!

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And we meet again.


Salutations fellow A220 fanboy


Why are you all spawning to terminal E ? 😅 Air France short haul Flight launch at 2F terminal ;)

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A few details ;)

A318/ A319/ A320 /A321 Air France gates :

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Yeah, but 320 family gate at the 2E(gate on south un the picture) are only for médium haul flight like Tel Aviv, not for intern flight :)

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Yes it’s true, but for this time, seeing the number of people coming, I prefer to indicate globally and in a simpler way.
But you are right ;)

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Oh no… I forgot I didn’t fly for a while and I’m grade 1… I’ll fly next time!

Yes i know, it was just for info ;)
See you on ground ;)

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Haha yes, you too ;)

I think I’ll do some virtual plane spotting and make a project for the new Air France livery.

Flightplan is ready to be copied from me if you would like (M-AGIC)

Planned cruise is FL350 @ M.078

Pushback in 2 mins