12MAY21 / 0600Z- Dubai Virtual Presents: Worldwide Fly-Out with IFATC @ OMDB

Dubai Virtual presents a Fly-Out Event at Dubai International Airport


To celebrate Eid al-Fitr, @DubaiVirtual has the pleasure to present you a worldwide fly-out event at our HUB. With more than 1️⃣4️⃣0️⃣ destinations connecting Dubai to the world, this event features @DubaiVirtual’s Emirates routes from Dubai International Airport with our elegant Boeing 777 families and the prestigious Airbus A380. This event could be an occasion for you to appreciate the 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates unique scenery and fly out of the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic.

Contribute to making OMDB the busiest airport on IF, like in real life, by choosing below your flight to the destination of your choice.

Event Information:

Event Type: Worldwide Fly-Out

Departing Airport / ICAO: Dubai Int. / OMDB

Event Time: 12MAY21 - 2021-05-12T06:00:00Z to 2021-05-13T06:00:00Z

Aircraft Livery: Emirates

Server: Expert

  • Choose the flight of your choice below.
  • Reply down which flight you want to fly by quoting it or saying to which airport ICAO, and also mention chosen aircraft if there are multiples available.
  • Your gate will be assigned upon confirmation.
  • Be professional while flying from Dubai.
  • ATC will be present during this event, please listen and adhere to all their instructions. 🎧
  • And be respectful to other pilots and ATC.

Photo and editing credits: Training Captain / Admin - @CptSwede

Learn more about Dubai International Airport

DXB earned its popularity by being the busiest airport with Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 movements and having the largest airport terminal in the world.

DXB is the hub to Emirates, FedEx Express and flydubai. DXB’s geographical location makes it the perfect airport for stop-over of long flights coming from Europe to Southern Asia and vice versa.

The airport has 2 Asphalt Runway at an elevation of 62 ft:

  • 12L/30R with a length of 13123 ft (usually used for take-off)
  • 12R/30L with a length of 14600 ft (usually used for landing)

The airport’s charts can be find here.

🛫Departing Flight List


EK1 - EK99: 🇬🇧 , 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 , 🇩🇪 , 🇫🇷 , 🇨🇭 , 🇮🇹
EK100-EK199: 🇲🇹 , 🇭🇺 , 🇹🇷 , 🇦🇹 , 🇭🇷 , 🇷🇺 , 🇮🇹 , 🇨🇿 , 🇪🇸 , 🇳🇱 , 🇸🇪 , 🇳🇴 , 🇮🇪 , 🇵🇱 , 🇧🇪 , 🇵🇹
Stop-Over: 🇨🇾

Flight No. Airport (ICAO) Aircraft Flight Time Gate Pilot
EK3 London (EGLL) B77W 7h30min B16 @Mayank_Pawar
EK7 London (EGLL) A380 / B77W 7h30min F24 @Bradders777X
EK11 London (EGKK) A380 7h40min A06 @Kurtis
EK19 Manchester (EGCC) A380 7h40min A03 @The_Aviator
EK23 Edinburgh (EGPH) B77W 7h40min B21L @Sam_D206
EK27 Glasgow (EGPF) B77W 8h
EK35 Newcastle (EGNT) B77W 7h30min B20 @Matty1
EK39 Birmingham (EGBB) A380 7h40min A10 @Lewis_Thomas
EK45 Frankfurt (EDDF) A380 / B77W 6h40min
EK49 Munich (EDDM) A380 / B77W 6h20min A08 @CrazyBee
EK55 Düsseldorf (EDDL) A380 6h50min
EK59 Hamburg (EDDH) A380 / B77W 7h F17 @Fynn111
EK67 London (EGSS) B77W 7h35min B26R @N489DN
EK75 Paris (LFPG) A380 7h15min
EK77 Nice (LFMN) A380 6h45min
EK81 Lyon (LFLL) B77W 7h
EK83 Geneva (LSGG) B77W 6h50min
EK85 Zurich (LSZH) A380 6h20min
EK91 Milan (LIMC) A380 6h35min
EK93 Bologna (LIPE) B77L 6h30min F04 @s_swalkar
EK95 Rome (LIRF) A380 / B77W 6h20min
EK109(A>B) Larnaca (LCLK) > Luqa(LMML) B77W 3h50min > 2h35min
EK111 Budapest (LHBP) B77W 5h45min
EK119 Istanbul (LTFJ) B77W 4h30min B17 @Tex_B
EK121 Istanbul (LTFM) B77W 4h40min
EK127 Vienna (LOWW) B77W 6h
EK129 Zagreb (LDZA) B77W 6h05min
EK131 Moscow (UUDD) A380 / B77W 5h30min
EK135 Venice (LIPZ) B77W 6h24min
EK137 Prague (LKPR) A380 / B77W 6h10min
EK141 Madrid (LEMD) A380 / B77W 7h50min
EK145 Amsterdam (EHAM) A380 7h10min
EK155 Stockholm (ESSA) B77W 6h35min
EK159 Oslo (ENGM) B77W 7h10min
EK161 Dublin (EIDW) B77W 8h
EK175 Saint Petersburg (ULLI) B77W 6h10min
EK179 Warsaw (EPWA) A380 / B77W 6h10min
EK181 Brussels (EBBR) B77W 7h
EK185 Barcelona (LEBL) A380 / B77W 7h15min
EK193 Lisbon (LPPT) B77W / B77L 8h15min
EK197 Porto (LPPR) B77L 8h20min

EK300 - EK399: 🇨🇳 , 🇯🇵 , 🇰🇷 , 🇵🇭 , 🇲🇾 , 🇸🇬 , 🇮🇩 , 🇻🇳 , 🇰🇭 , 🇹🇭 , 🇲🇲
EK500 - EK599: 🇮🇳 , 🇮🇴 , 🇧🇩
EK600 - EK699: 🇵🇰 , 🇦🇫 , 🇱🇰 , 🇲🇻
EK800 - EK899: 🇸🇦 , 🇧🇭 , 🇰🇼 , 🇴🇲
EK900 - EK999: 🇯🇴 , 🇪🇬 , 🇮🇶 , 🇱🇧 , 🇮🇷
Stop-Over: 🇵🇭 , 🇹🇭 , 🇲🇻

Flight No. Airport (ICAO) Aircraft Flight Time Gate Pilot
EK302 Shanghai (ZSPD) A380 8h45min
EK306 Beijing (ZBAA) A380 7h30min
EK312 Tokyo (RJTT) B77W 10h B08 @s_swalkar
EK316 Osaka (RJBB) A380 9h10min
EK318 Tokyo (RJAA) A380 10h
EK322 Seoul (RKSI) A380 / B77W 8h30min B01 @Suungx2
EK334 Manila (RPLL) B77W 8h20min
EK338(A>B) Cebu (RPVM) > Angeles City (RPLC) B77W 8h30min > 1h23min
EK342 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) A380 / B77W 7h15min
EK352 Singapore (WSSS) A380 / B77W 7h15min
EK356 Jakarta (WIII) B77W 8h40min F21 @CamelGuy
EK362 Guangzhou (ZGGG) A380 7h50min
EK364 Ho Chi Minh City (VVTS) B77W 7h35min
EK366 Taipei (RCTP) A380 8h
EK370(A>B) Bangkok (VTBS) > Phnom Penh (VDPP) B77W 5h50min > 1h
EK372 Bangkok (VTBS) A380 / B77W 5h50min D01 @CptSwede
EK378 Phuket (VTSP) B77W 6h30min
EK380 Hong Kong (VHHH) A380 / B77W 7h30min
EK384(A>B) Bangkok (VTBS) > Hong Kong (VHHH) A380 6h > 2h27min
EK388 Yangon (VYYY) B77W 6h32min B21L @GDS111006
EK394 Hanoi (VVNB) B77W 6h20min
EK398 Bali Denpasar (WADD) B77W 9h15min
EK500 Mumbai (VABB) A380 / B77W / B77L 2h30min A05 @Mayank_Pawar
EK502 Mumbai (VABB) A380 2h30min A07 @Captain_Dattz
EK506 Mumbai (VABB) B77W 2h30min F27 @Mafiaviation
EK510 Delhi (VIDP) B77W 2h30min F02 @Deathsix
EK522 Thiruvananthapuram (VOTV) B77W 4h
EL524 Hyderabad (VOHS) B77W 3h30min B25 @Omkar_Rathi
EK530 Cochin (VOCI) B77W / B77L 3h45min B10 @Captain_Dreamliner
EK538 Ahmedabad (VAAH) B77L 3h
EK542 Chennai (VOMM) B77W 4h F20 @Flyingshib
EK564 Bangalore (VOBL) B77W / B77L 3h40min F22 @CaptainAftab
EK570 Kolkata (VECC) B77W 4h10min
EK584 Dhaka (VGHS) B77W 4h30min
EK606 Karachi (OPKC) B77W / B77L 2h B05 @Lion_50
EK612 Islamabad (OPIS) B77W 3h10min
EK618 Sialkot (OPST) B77W 3h20min
EK624 Lahore (OPLA) B77W 3h B23 @askrdl
EK636 Peshawar (OPPS) B77W 3h
EK640 Kabul (OAKB) B77W / B77L 3h15min F19 @Alexian61
EK648 Colombo (VCBI) B77W 4h35min
EK652(A>B) Male (VRMM) > Colombo (VCBI) B77W 4h > 1h06min F18 @MichaelMetaxas
EK658 Male (VRMM) B77W 4h
EK801 Jeddah (OEJN) A380 / B77W 3h F25 @CamelGuy
EK807 Medina (OEMA) B77W 2h30min B27 @Crown
EK809 Medina (OEMA) B77W 2h30min B06 @CptAdam
EK813 Riyadh (OERK) A380 / B77W 2h20min B18R @Majed.2110
EK821 Dammam (OEDF) B77W 1h30min F03 @Kostas_K
EK833 Bahrain (OBBI) B77W 1h15min B11 @Icengelbre
EK857 Kuwait City (OKBK) B77W / B77L 1h50min B24 @askrdl
EK866 Muscat (OOMS) A380 / B77W / B77L 1h20min F26 @CamelGuy
EK901 Amman (OJAI) A380 / B77W 3h10min
EK923 Cairo (HECA) A380 / B77W / B77L 3h50min A04 @HazemRaafat
EK943 Baghdad (ORBI) B77W 2h35min
EK947 Basrah (ORMM) B77W / B77L 1h40min
EK953 Beirut (OLBA) B77W / B77L 4h18min
EK972 Tehran (OIIE) B77W 2h15min B03 @Yasin_S

EK700 - EK799: 🇲🇺 , 🇸🇨 , 🇿🇼 , 🇰🇪 , 🇪🇹 , 🇹🇿 , 🇺🇬 , 🇸🇩 , 🇹🇳 , 🇲🇦 , 🇩🇿 , 🇿🇦 , 🇳🇬 , 🇨🇮 , 🇦🇴 , 🇸🇳
Stop-Over: 🇿🇲 , 🇬🇭 , 🇬🇳

Flight No. Airport (ICAO) Aircraft Flight Time Gate Pilot
EK701 Mauritius (FIMP) A380 6h30min A02 @Julien_Narayanasawmy
EK707 Seychelles (FSIA) B77W 4h35min
EK713(A>B) Lusaka (FLKK) > Harare (FVRG) B77W 7h > 55min
EK719 Nairobi (HKJK) B77W 5h
EK723 Addis Ababa (HAAB) B77W / B77L 4h10min
EK725 Dar Es Salaam (HTDA) B77W 5h25min
EK729 Entebbe (HUEN) B77W 5h20min
EK733 Khartoum (HSSS) B77W 4h10min
EK747 Tunis (DTTA) B77W 6h30min
EK751 Casablanca (GMMN) B77W 8h25min
EK778 Algiers (DAAG) B77W 7h15min
EK761 Johannesburg (FAOR) A380 / B77W 8h05min B22 @The_Aviator
EK770 Cape Town (FACT) B77W 10h
EK775 Durban (FALE) B77W 8h25min
EK781 Lagos (DNMM) B77W 7h50min
EK785 Abuja (DNAA) B77W 7h
EK787(A>B) Accra (DGAA) > Abidjan (DIAP) B77W 8h10min > 45min
EK793 Luanda (FNLU) B77W 7h45min B12 @flybarroso
EK795(A>B) Conakry (GUCY) > Senegal (GOBD) B77W 9h46min > 1h23min

EK400 - EK499: 🇦🇺 , 🇳🇿
Stop-Over: 🇸🇬 , 🇦🇺 , 🇮🇩

Flight No. Airport (ICAO) Aircraft Flight Time Gate Pilot
EK404(A>B) Singapore (WSSS) > Melbourne (YMML) B77W 6h50min > 7h
EK406 Melbourne (YMML) A380 13h15min
EK412(A>B) Sydney (YSSY) > Christchurch (NZCH) A380 13h10min > 3h05min
EK414 Sydney (YSSY) A380 / B77W 13h10min B14 @Ainesh_Kumar
EK420 Perth (YPPH) A380 10h15min
EK430 Brisbane (YBBN) A380 / B77W 14h
EK432(A>B) Singapore (WSSS) > Brisbane (YBBN) B77W 6h50min > 6h40min
EK440 Adelaide (YPAD) B77L 12h15min
EK448 Auckland (NZAA) A380 16h
EK450(A>B) Denpasar (WADD) > Auckland (NZAA) B77W 8h20min > 7h30min
North America

EK200 - EK244: 🇺🇸 , 🇨🇦
Stop-Over: 🇮🇹 , 🇬🇷

Flight No. Airport (ICAO) Aircraft Flight Time Gate Pilot
EK201 New York (KJFK) A380 / B77W 14h20min B02 @bbhusty
EK205(A>B) Milan (LIMC) > New York (KJFK) A380 / B77W 7h > 8h09min
EK209(A>B) Athens (LGVA) > Newark (KEWR) B77W 5h05min > 10h10min
EK211 Houston (KIAH) A380 / B77W / B77L 16h50min
EK213 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) B77L 15h30min F23 @Adam.Playz
EK215 Los Angeles (KLAX) A380 16h20min A01 @Jukker
EK219 Orlando (KMCO) B77W 15h30min B09 @Easybusy26
EK221 Dallas (KDFW) B77W 16h30min
EK223 Newark (KEWR) B77W 14h05min
EK225 San Francisco (KSFO) A380 / B77W 16h05min F05 @Omkar_Rathi
EK229 Seattle (KSEA) B77W 15h10min B04 @applepro243
EK231 Washington D.C. (KIAD) A380 14h10min
EK235 Chicago (KORD) B77W 14h40min B15 @Rocky_Black
EK237 Boston (KBOS) B77W 13h30min
EK241 Toronto (CYYZ) A380 / B77W 14h05min A09 @Enigma
South America

EK245 - EK299: 🇨🇱 , 🇦🇷 , 🇲🇽 , 🇧🇷
Stop-Over: 🇧🇷 , 🇪🇸

Flight No. Airport (ICAO) Aircraft Flight Time Gate Pilot
EK245(A>B) Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) > Santiago (SCEL) B77L 14h30min > 3h54min
EK247(A>B) Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) > Buenos Aires (SAEZ) B77L 14h30min > 3h30min
EK255(A>B) Barcelona (LEBL) > Mexico City (MMMX) B77L 7h15min > 12h55min
EK261 Sao Paulo (SBGR) A380 14h50min

Don’t forget to have fun during your flight✈ and watch out for UAE 🇦🇪 amazing scenery while departing🛫!

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@Dubaivirtual wishes you a safe flight and Eid al-Fitr Mubarak.



Hi, I´d like to do this one :)


I want to fly this route with the B77W :)


Hi! I’d like to fly the EK109 (A+B) to Larnaca and Luqa please. Thanks


Can I have this gate please?


I’ll take this one!


Hello again. I didn’t notice that the EK652 (A+B) flight to Male and Colombo is also on the list (I was looking for it earlier but accidentally didn’t see it). May I fly this one instead of the EK109 to Larnaca and Luqa that I mentioned earlier ? Thanks


Can I have this one please?


I want to take this please.


and this flight too please. on gate Concourse A gate A04


this flight to be signed up for me, thanks. Callsign DVA204


Thank you to everyone, who have singed up! Let’s see some more people join!


Can i get this gate?


Hello, I am willing to take the flight to KFLL if it is still available.


You have not assigned me correct flight. I requested flight to Chennai but you gave me flight to kabul. Can you please make changes in this?


Hiya guys! Could I take the 77W into Heathrow please 😁


@Jukker you have been assigned Concourse A Gate A01. We wish you a nice flight to Los Angeles.

@Fynn111 you have been assigned Concourse B Gate F17. We wish you a nice flight to Hamburg.

@Julien_Narayanasawmy you have been assigned Concourse A Gate A02. We wish you a nice flight to Mauritius.

@Alexian61 you have been assigned Concourse B Gate F19. We wish you a nice flight to Kabul.

@MichaelMetaxas you have been assigned Concourse B Gate F18. We wish you a nice flight to Colombo via Male.

@Flyingshib you have been assigned Concourse B Gate F20. We wish you a nice flight to Chennai.

@CamelGuy you have been assigned Concourse B Gate F21. We wish you a nice flight to Jakarta.

@CaptainAftab you have been assigned Concourse B Gate F22. We wish you a nice flight to Bangalore.

@Adam.Playz you have been assigned Concourse B Gate F23. We wish you a nice flight to Fort Lauderdale.

@Bradders777X you have been assigned Concourse B Gate F24. We wish you a nice flight to London Heathrow.


Hello, @Mafiaviation, can you please mention which aircraft you will fly? A380 or B777?


Hello, @CamelGuy, for your flights EK801 to Jeddah and EK866 to Muscat, can you please mention which aircraft you will fly? A380 or B777?


i will fly by b777