12MAR23 | Massive Dubai Flyout

Event Bump!

Can I change to Paris CDG please? The flight time is a bit shorter so it works better for me since if I went to Gatwick i would land at about 11PM my time

@Captain_Emergency I will make that correction right away

Make sure to check out my other events 😉

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FedEx Virtual will take 10 Gates in the Cargo Ramp Please.

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@NathanPreuss and @FedExVirtual
Thanks so much for sponsoring!! I will get gates reserved right away

Event Announcement
This event is Officially sponsored by FedEx virtual! Go check them out below

Event Bump!!!

I’ll take this. MD-11F to Addis Ababa

@NathanPreuss Amazing Choice!
I may actually join you, not sure

I’d love to have you join me

I’ll consider it

Emirates B777-300ER going to Sydney

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek Coming right up