12MAR23/1800Z | The… Uhhh… HELP!


I want to host another Flyout before the Warsaw flyout, but I can’t think of anywhere good! All I know for sure is that the server is Training, and the airport will be open from 1800Z until 2100Z.

If you have any thoughts of a good airport and event name, please comment them here, and at exactly 2200 hours EST, I will spin a wheel and the winner will have their choice edited into the post.

Server: Training

Location: Decided by Community

Time: 1800Z

Photos: From Community/Coming Soon

Reagan national
Title: The National Flyout

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Santorini Greece

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Got ideas for a title for that?

ATC Catastrophe flashback

Vietnam War flashbacks intensify

☠️ Good lord

Alright, we have 2 submissions so far, keep it rolling! I’m changing the spin time to 8PM EST.

KSLC, MMPR, PANC, FMMI, and NZIR would be cool

As requested