12MAR22 / 1900Z - THE WEEKEND FLIGHT'S FIRST SESSION - The Gem Of The Caribbean Fly-In @TBPB

As some of you know, I have to clinically do an event in Barbados as it’s my home country and I love it with all my life, so here you go. I will set down some rules so that it is not literall carnage here.

Server: Expert

Airport: TBPB - Grantley Adams International Airport

Time: 2022-03-12T19:00:00Z2022-03-12T22:00:00Z

  • Do NOT Troll. Do this could potentially have severe consequences if IFATC is present; This is can also get you banned from any further events of mine permanently.

  • I am NOT responsible for any violations you earn during the event, from taxi, to departure, midflight and landing.

Airline and Aircraft Airport Pilot Gate
Generic Q400 SYEC 1
Generic Q400 TDPD 2
Generic Q400 TGPY 3
Generic Q400 TLPC 4
Generic Q400 TFFF 3D 5
Generic Q400 SYCJ 6
Generic Q400 TAPA 7
Generic Q400 TVSA 8
Generic Q400 TTPP @Santiago_Chile_SCEL 9
Airline and Aircraft Airport Pilot Gate
American Airlines 737-800 KCLT 3D @LongHaulGuy 10
American Airlines 737-800 KMIA @KSM_King_Storm 11
JetBlue A321-200 KJFK 3D @TheAviation_YT 12
Virgin Atlantic A330-300 EGLL 3D @FlyIf_0011IFPA 13
JetBlue A320-200 KBOS 3D @CaptainE 14
WestJet 737-800 CYYZ 3D @FlyInfinite 15
Carribean 737-800 MKJP @canton 16
Aer Lingus A330-300 EGCC 3D @787_Dream 17
British Airways Boeing 777-300ER EGLL 3D @Tom_Jennings 18
TUI 787-9 EGCC 3D @Cihan37 19
TUI 787-8 EDDL @Andrew_C_Sonkin 20
KLM A330-300 EHAM 3D @MR.FOXY09 21
Virgin Atlantic A330-300 EGPH 3D @yenier_Rodriguez 22

As I would like an event in a good shape, without trolling, I will be asking for ATC on the Expert Server.

ATC Controller
TBPB Arrival
TBPB Tower @Alexbg29
TBPB Ground @Alexbg29

Bump! Let’s get this event started!

@RAC-TBPB if you are coming i’d like to know which gate please

Sign me up

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yes this is a sentence

I’ll say 18 for now…

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@TheGlobalAviator @canton do you want to pick up any gates?

Hmmmm my sub expires but I dunno if it’s going to renew

I might go since it is morning for me

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If I go, I will take the AC 787 to Pearson

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ill still put you there but if theres an issue make sure to lmk

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Thanks! Will let you know if I can come or not

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@TheGlobalAviator are you still interested in a flight?

@Havoc @FlyInfinite @Andrew_C_Sonkin would you like a gate?

At the moment no

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Yes i would like to come.

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pick a gate please

I will request the American Airlines to Charlotte? Please


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Sure! I’ll note this!

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@nOthing2seehere would you still like a gate or have you changed your mind?

@FlyInfinite please pick a specified gate, thank you :)