12MAR22 / 1600Z - The IFVARB Summit | Season 4, Episode 7 | 167 pilots attending

IFVARB Special Event

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The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is the premier regulatory body of the Infinite Flight virtual organization scene. For years, the IFVARB has promoted the interests and desires of our member organizations to help them become the best community groups they can be! Since our establishment, the IFVARB appreciates the relentless competition amongst its approved organizations that serve to raise the standard of what is expected of each virtual airline today. We cherish the responsibility of regulating and establishing policies that enable the virtual airline community to be the tightly knit and family-like environment that is adored by many. To all our virtual organizations and airlines, THANK YOU for everything you do!

S4EP7 Of The IFVARB Summit takes us to home of the Amazon Rainforest and the birthplace of the most expressive players in The World’s Game: Brazil. The country boasts some of the best hotels, beaches, attractions and cuisines on the planet. It comes as no surprise, then, that Brazil, occupying approximately 50% of South America’s total landmass, is a popular tourist destination.

Below you will find all of the important information in regards to airports, gates, ATC, taxiways, arrival, departure, and more!

Airport ICAO Airport Name Region Misc
SBGR São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport South America Airliners
SBGL Rio de Janeiro/Galeão International Airport South America Airliners
SBKP Viracopos International Airport South America Alternate/Diversion Airport*


Alternate/Diversion Airport (*): We do not assign stands at these airports- they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Larger VAs may benefit from independently departing a different airport to better control arrival times. SID/STARs at these airports will be at ATC discretion. We expect all pilots to follow ATC instructions and demonstrate competent airmanship.


On the 5th of March 2022, we will post the terminal information and gate assignments for each individual that signed up for the summit, they are representing virtual airline / organization, as well as their aircraft that was chosen for the event, and the assigned pushback time.

There will be 2 waves of departures in which each pilot will be assigned. Outside of a few anomalies or late sign-ups, all VA/VO’s will be grouped together in each wave. Wave 1 will take place between 1600z - 16:59z, while Wave 2 will take place between 1700z - 17:59z.

There will likely be long lines so please expect delays.


By registering for the IFVARB Summit, you agree that you are a member of a Virtual Airline or Organization.
All sign-ups that are not members of a VA/VO will be restricted to Stand By, or Spectator Stands only.

Click Here To Register →

Sign Up Details

* All sign-ups will be approved by the IFVARB Team. Gate assignments will be posted the week of the main event.
* The IFVARB will attempt to provide a gate to ALL sign-ups as long as that member meets all qualifications.
* The pilot MUST be in good standing with the IFVARB and IFC. Suspended users and or Blacklisted members will be prohibited.
* Should a member leave a VA/VO after registering, their slot will be released. That pilot will have the option to re-join if they are a member of another VA/VO, or can register as a spectator.
* Pilots that are a part of the Fly-In Event will be able to fly in from any airport of their choosing and at the clearance of their virtual airline/organization. We ask that pilots pay attention to timing to arrive during their arrival window.


  • Despite being intricate, the ground procedures are designed to sustain efficient traffic flow. Please either memorized or have the ground chart handy to prevent gross navigational errors on the ground.

  • We expect pilots to follow all SIDs and STARs to maintain separation. We recommend programming in the appropriate in-game procedures but be prepared for vectors from radar control when traversing their airspace.

  • Please ensure that you are parking on the correct lines.

  • Please note that the stand code refers to that of your stand. Please ensure that you select an aircraft that will fit.

  • Please time your arrivals / departures accordingly. We are anticipating an average of 120 movements per hour, so late arrivals may cause undue delays.

  • If you have any questions or concerns about the procedures, please reach out to @IFVARB and @JoshFly8.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 My gate is occupied, now what?

Eo_circle_green_white_checkmark.svg If you are a member of Wave 2, and your gate is still occupied by Wave 1 pilots, that spot will free up shortly after their departure time. We will have a few overflow parking spots available, however, DO NOT spawn into another gate that is not yours unless instructed to do so from your VA staff with the clearance of an IFVARB admin.

Q1 I’m an arrival only, can I stay after parking?

Eo_circle_green_white_checkmark.svg With more than 220 aircraft to orchestrate, gates are at a premium! Due to how the event has been created, we ask that once you have arrived to your gate, that you spend no more than 10 minutes in that location if you are not going to be departing. We will have dedicated spectator stands available that you will be able to spawn into and watch the festivities.

Q1 Can I fly for more than one VA?

Eo_circle_green_white_checkmark.svg While a single sign-up was done to verify eligibility, pilots can choose to arrive or depart using the colors of their choosing.

Message to VA/VO Staff

The IFVARB Summit provides an opportunity for a real-world-based event with densely populated airspaces, meticulous attention to detail, and great fun for our community. Please be sure to read through all of the procedures and help your VA/VO’s become familiar with them. We made every reasonable attempt to group each VA/VO together, with heavy departures going together, and medium/small jets traveling together. By doing so, we hope that we will be able to lessen the burden on our pilots to understand the instructions. The information is intricate, but it will help us remain organized throughout.

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to everyone involved in planning this great event. From the IFVARB Admins, to our beloved Event Team. We also would like to thank @JoshFly8, @Tyler_Shelton, and the IFATC controllers for a great partnership in planning this event and coordinating the ATC services!



Wow very nice event
But I can’t join because of time differences 😢


Thank you, @canton! Hope to see you at the next one. 😎

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Super excited!

On behalf of Avelo Air Virtual, we can’t wait to be there! 👍

Matt W. - Avelo Air Virtual CEO


AVLV’s applications received, can’t wait to see you there!

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pogers matt

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Εικόνα1 IFVARB Summit 2022: Application Status Εικόνα1

61 Applications received / 20 VAs / VOs attending

TOP 5 VAs / VOs

VA / VO Total Pilot Applications
Air Canada Virtual 11
FedEx Virtual 9
Qatar Airways Virtual 8
American Virtual 5
United Virtual 4

Spectator Application now: AVAILABLE

As we get closer to the summit, we will share 2 more application forms. One will be for those who would like to join us as spectators and one for those who are not a member of a VA/ VO, but wish to attend. Today, we open the application for the spectators:


This will be great! Excited to join S4E7. :)


Εικόνα1 More than 85 pilots signed up! Εικόνα1

For a complete list, check here →


You should definitely not miss this one!


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Please use the link below to check the procedures for the IFVARB 2022 Summit!

IFVARB 2022 Summit Procedures →

Procedures updated: Corrections*


@Thomas_G I am coming to this.


I can’t wait for tomorrow!


same, gonna be sick

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I need help from an IFVARB admin, I applied but meant to choose another aircraft as my first, but I swapped them, would really like it if someone helped me fix that.

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I’m sorry but I have to pass this time. Real life is taking up all my time unfortunately.


Life comes first before gaming :)

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To check your assignments, please click here →

Full list of IFATC Assignements also available!

Google sheet list →

Spectator Sign-Up Form closing soon:


It is an honour to be chosen to do another summit as a controller !!

See you all at SBGR !!