12MAR22 / 0200Z - IFATC Takeover: SoCal by Sunset

As part of the community and IFATC’s initiative to engage with the community through user-created events, IFATC controllers have come together in the “SoCal by Sunset” IFATC takeover. Join us as we fully staff several airports across the SoCal region, from airports with commercial service to small fields for the GA enthusiasts.


Server: Expert

Aircraft: General Aviation Encouraged!


LA Center: @Rob_M

Airports will be added/removed based on controller demand and request. If you are a controller that wishes to control in this event, please send me a message.


  • Not following ATC instructions may result in violations.
  • For the purposes of distributing traffic and encouraging the experience of exploring smaller airports, Los Angeles Intl (KLAX) will remain closed.

I can take Los Angeles center

I can take KSNA GTS

Four people have messaged me about SNA…I’ll add all of you to a Discord PM in a second.

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Palm Springs local and radar for me please!

I can take KLGB GTS.

A few words of wisdom: this takeover is going to be nuts.

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I’ll take TGS please

Event has started, let’s have some fun.

KSNA flaps 40 needed BTW if using the 737

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