12MAR21 / 2000Z - Arial Refueling flight @KNKX

The flight will be in the area of KNKX the flight plan is below you will be able to copy it as well.

Aircraft and livery: Any aircraft that is capable of areal refueling

Flight Plan: Copy it before I depart or find my Aircraft and fly to me and copy it then

Time off departure: Start time 12:00 PM PST 8:00 PM Zulu End Time 2:00 PM PST 10:00 PM Zulu

Server: Casual

Additional Information: Just want so cool photos of arial refueling. I will fly the DC-10F call sign will be Eagle 409 Heavy. you can spawn at any time with in the time period. The speed will be 300 knots and will be at altitude of 15,000 Feet MSL

If you don’t know how to do arial refueling here is a link to an Infinite flight

That would be 2000z for 8 pm zulu

Thanks still trying to figure out the Zulu times

I’ll probably be there By 2015Z @Stick_theLanding :)

Sound good you can goin at any time within the 2 hours time frame it will just be a little harder to find me

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I will not go farther then KLAX,KNJK,MMTJ,KNUC

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Oooo this looks cool!
I’ll try to tag along.

I’ll probably spawn in a F22 or F16

Also a suggestion, should we do it on casual because of all the speed restrictions?

that would be a good idea I will change it to Casual server

The flight will now be on the Casual Server the rest will be the same

Coolio, I look forward to it

Sorry, can’t Make it :(

all good thanks for trying though

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Im gonna log on now, I might do some touch and goes in the mean time

I just hoped on too not flying yet

I will do some touch and goes as well

lmao i crashed, im a bit tired this evening, just completed a 10hr 350 long hall

lets get to the gates so we can start

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@Zach_Bohannon Make your callsign viper.