12MAR2023 | Huge Vancouver Flyout | CYVR

CYVR welcome

Welcome to Vancouver!

Vancouver is the 3rd most populace city in Canada and the biggest in British Columbia. It is home to Vancouver International Airport which is the second busiest airport in the country after Toronto-Pearson. It has 3 runways serves domestic flights across Canada as well as flights to the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, Hawaii, and Asia.

Flight Information:

When: 12th of March, 2023 at 1600Z
Where: CYVR
Server: Expert Server

Gates and ATC are available below:

Domestic Terminal (and Hawaii)
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
Gate 6 Kelowna(CYLW) Westjet Encore Q400 1:00
Gate 7 Victoria(CYYJ) Westjet Encore Q400 0:10
Gate 8 Fort St. John(CYXJ) Westjet Encore Q400 1:50
Gate 9 Prince George(CYXS) Westjet Encore Q400 1:25
Gate 10 Terrace(CYXT) Westjet Encore Q400 1:45
Gate 12A Nanaimo(CYCD) Westjet Encore Q400 0:30
Gate 13 Whitehorse(CYXY) Air North(Generic) B737-700 2:00
Gate 14 Kahului(PHOG) Westjet B737-800 @Ryan_Carney 6:25
Gate 15 Montreal(CYUL) Air Transat(Generic) A321 4:45
Gate 16 Toronto(CYYZ) Sunwing(Generic) B737-800 4:00
Gate 17 Honolulu(PHNL) Westjet B737-800 6:35
Gate 18 Winnipeg(CYWG) Westjet B737-800 2:50
Gate 19 Saskatoon(CYXE) Westjet B737-700 2:00
Gate 20 Ottawa(CYOW) Westjet B737-800 4:30
Gate 21 Montreal(CYUL) Westjet B737-800 4:45
Gate 22 Edmonton(CYEG) Westjet B737-700 1:35
Gate 23 Calgary(CYYC) Westjet B737-800 1:30
Gate 24 Regina(CYQR) Westjet B737-700 2:05
Gate 25 Halifax(CYHZ) Westjet B737-800 5:50
Gate 26 Toronto(CYYZ) Westjet B737-700 4:00
Gate 27 London-Ont(CYXU) Flair Airlines(Generic) B737-800 4:20
Gate 28 Kitchener-Waterloo(CYKF) Flair Airlines(Generic) B737-800 4:00
Gate 29 Whitehorse(CYXY) Air Canada CRJ-900 2:25
Gate 30 Yellowknife(CYZF) Air Canada CRJ-900 2:25
Gate 31 Sandspit(CYZP) Air Canada Q400 1:50
Gate 32 Victoria(CYYJ) Air Canada Q400 0:10
Gate 33 Kelowna(CYLW) Air Canada Q400 1:05
Gate 34 Smithers(CYYD) Air Canada Q400 1:40
Gate 35 Kamloops(CYKA) Air Canada Q400 0:50
Gate 36 CFB Comox(CYQQ) Air Canada Q400 0:45
Gate 37 Prince Rupert(CYPR) Air Canada Q400 1:50
Gate 38 Cranbrook(CYXC) Air Canada Q400 1:45
Gate 39 Halifax(CYHZ) Air Canada A321 5:50
Gate 40 Montreal(CYUL) Air Canada A220 4:45
Gate 41 Calgary(CYYC) Air Canada A319 1:30
Gate 42 Quebec City(CYQB) Air Canada Rouge A319 4:50
Gate 43 Edmonton(CYEG) Air Canada A321 1:35
Gate 44 Winnipeg(CYWG) Air Canada A321 2:50
Gate 45 Toronto(CYYZ) Air Canada A321 4:00
Gate 46 Toronto(CYYZ) Westjet B787-9 4:00
Gate 47 Toronto(CYYZ) Air Canada B777-300 @JMacMcD 4:00 Air Canada 110 Heavy
Gate 48 St John’s(CYYT) Air Canada A330-300 @United403 4:45
Gate 49 Kahului(PHOG) Air Canada B787-9 @flyin_hawaiian 4:30
International Terminal
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
Gate 50 Brisbane(YBBN) Air Canada B787-9 14:55
Gate 51 Sydney(YSSY) Qantas B787-9 14:50
Gate 52 Hong Kong(VHHH) Cathay Pacific A350 14:20
Gate 53 Auckland(NZAA) Air New Zealand B787-9 14:00
Gate 54 Istanbul(LTFM) Turkish Airlines A350 11:35
Gate 55 Frankfurt(EDDF) Lufthansa A340 10:00
Gate 58 Paris(LFPG) Air France B787-9 9:10
Gate 62 London-Heathrow(EGLL) British Airways B777-200 9:00
Gate 64 Taipei(RCTP) EVA Air B777-300 12:45
Gate 66 Seoul-Incheon(RKSI) Korean Air B777-300 11:40
Gate 67 Shanghai(ZSPD) China Eastern Airlines A350 11:55
Gate 68 Tokyo-Narita(RJAA) ANA B787-9 10:30
Gate 69 Nice(LFMN) Air Canada B787-9
Gate 70 Xiamen(ZSAM) Xiamen Air B787-8 11:50
Gate 71 Amsterdam(EHAM) KLM A330-300 9:30
Gate 72 Reykjavik-Keflavic(BIKF) Icelandair B757
Gate 73 Minneapolis(KMSP) Sun Country B737-800 3:20
Gate 74 Chicago(KORD) United B737-800 4:05
Gate 75 New York(KJFK) jetBlue A320 5:15
Gate 76 Houston(KIAH) Air Canada A220 4:35
Gate 77 Phoenix(KPHX) Air Canada A321 3:05
Gate 78 Salt Lake City(KSLC) Delta A319 @RagonDragon 2:30
Gate 79 San Francisco(KSFO) United A320 2:30
Gate 80 Denver(KDEN) United B737-800 2:55
Gate 81 Los Angeles(KLAX) United A320 3:00
Gate 82 Las Vegas(KLAS) Westjet B737-800 2:45
Gate 83 Portland(KPDX) Air Canada Q400 1:15
Gate 85 Seattle(KSEA) Alaska Airlines E175 1:00
Gate 86 San Diego(KSAN) Air Canada CRJ-900 3:00
Gate 87 Sacremento(KSMF) Air Canada CRJ-900 2:00
Gate 88 Dallas(KDFW) American Airlines B737-800 4:15
Gate 90 Newark(KEWR) Air Canada A321 5:15
Gate 91 Los Angeles(KLAX) American Airlines E175 3:00
Gate 92 Miami(KMIA) Air Canada A321
Gate 93 Tampa(KTPA) Air Canada A319
Gate 94 Boston(KBOS) Air Canada A220 5:50
Gate 95 Mexico City(MMMX) AeroMexico B737-800 @Captain_Emergency 4:55
Gate 96 Palm Springs(KPSP) Air Canada A319 @Butter575 2:55
Remote Stands
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
E1 Available
E2 Available
E3 Available
E10 Available
E11 Available
E12 Available
E13 Available
E14 Available
E15 Available
E16 Available
E17 Available
E18 Available
E19 Available
Cargo Apron
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
FedEx 01 Memphis(KMEM) FedEx MD-11 4:05
FedEx 02 Victoria(CYYJ) FedEx C208 0:10
FedEx 03 Spokane(KGEG) FedEx C208 1:30
Purolator 01 Available
Purolator 02 Available
Purolator 03 Available
Air Canada Cargo 01 Kelowna(CYLW) Kelowna Flightcraft DC-10 1:20
DHL Express 01 Cincinnati(KCVG) DHL(Generic) B757 4:20
DHL Express 02 Seattle(KSEA) DHL C208 1:00
DHL Express 03 Portland(KPDX) DHL C208 1:20
UPS 01 Available
UPS 02 Available
UPS 03 Louisville(KSDF) UPS A330-200F 4:00
UPS 04 Available
UPS 05 Available
UPS 06 Available
UPS 07 Available
Airport South
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
Stand 01A Available
Stand 01B Available
Stand 01C Available
Stand 01D Available
Stand 01E Available
Stand 01F Available
Stand 01G Available
Stand 01H Available
Stand 01J Available
Stand 01K Available
Stand 01L Available
Stand 01M Available
Stand 01N Available
Stand 01P Available
Stand 01Q Available
Stand 01R Available
Stand 01T Available
Stand 01U Available
Stand 02A Available
Stand 02B Available
Stand 02C Available
Stand 02E Available
Stand 02F Available
Stand 02G Available
Stand 02H Available
Stand 02J Available
Stand 02K Available
GA Apron
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Aircraft Pilot Flight Time Callsign
Stand 01 Available
Stand 02 Available
Stand 03 Available
Stand 04 Available
Stand 05 Available
Stand 06 Available
Stand 07 Available
Stand 08 Available
Stand 09 Available
Stand 10 Available
Stand 11 Available

ATIS: @NathanPreuss
Ground: @NathanPreuss
Tower: @NathanPreuss
Vancouver Center:
Seattle Center:

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  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  • No pattern work
  • Act professional
  • Have Fun!
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This please! Crazy impressed with the anount of flyouts youve been posting.

Signed up! Thanks for the support! I know that you like flying to Kahului so when I saw that Westjet does that flight, I knew had to include it lol

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Any gate on an Air Canada A320 to Palm Springs

Since there is no Air Canada livery on the A320. Do you want to do Generic or switch to the A321/A319?

I didn’t realize that. I’ll do it on the A319

Yeah I’m surprised that they don’t have the livery for it.

This please! I’m so happy Vancouver finally has a Flyout, I love this airport :)

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Event Bump!

ignore me being unrealistic but can i switch to this and going to Kahului? 787-9 and Air Canada.

This please and thank you

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fffffffffffine XD

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I’ll sign you up!

Event Bump!

Lets go to my favorite place

Roger that

@Ryan_Carney ill see ya there


Can I change to this??
But headed to St. John

damn, you really gonna do the closest airport to me like that?
Np, I’ll change the dest lol

Just to be clear, is it St John’s, Newfoundland (CYYT) or St John, New Brunswick (CYSJ)?