12JUNE 20 / 1600Z - Evening Stroll through Europe @ EGCC to LEBL

Hello All!
This is my first group flight category hopefully it works out!
A few days ago i hit 300 on my instagram (@ifblogs) And decided to host a group flight!
Going from EGCC to LEBL!
I hope some of you can turn up! (current people that have signed up : 29*)

Route : Manchester Airport (TERMINAL 1(any gate)) ARRIVAL : T2 (ANY gate ))

Livery : Jet2
Aircraft : 737-800
Server : Training
ATC : IG : if.dubai @
FPL : must be copied upon spawning - spawn 10-15 before 1600 -

Attached above is a charts photo of Barcelona! Hopefully this will make your taxi easier once you arrive! (*NOTAM : PLEASE FOLLOW ATC INSTRUCTIONS)

I hope you guys can turn up and most importantly have a good time!
if you would like to attend please let me know down below!
have a great rest of your day and i’ll see you tomorrow :)


is no one coming 👉🏼👈🏼🥺?

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How do i join

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Congrats on 300 followers! I’ll see if I join…

I’ve also planned an event to celebrate I hit 3k followers and the launch of 20.1v and I’ll be glad if you join!

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what is your instagram? :)

okay do you have instagram? so i can add you to a group chat :)

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wait is it over, sorry im in pacific so I don’t no the time in Zulu sometimes

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hello! no it is not over it is starting in less than 5 hours! to sign up please reply with your instagram :)

well I will go make one cause I don’t have one

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Sure! My Instagram is InfiniteFlight_Shots
Hopefully I’ll join

Hey there! Thanks for your post!

Please have another look at this!

Your title should say

12JUN20 / 1600Z - Evening Stroll through Europe @ EGCC-LEBL

Can you change your title to the one I put here?

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