12JUN21 / 1600Z - TIME 4 LEGENDS... 21.1 PARTY FLIGHT! @ MMMX to KDEN


How else could we describe 21.1? This new release has brought to us the opportunity to increase the realism in our flights, and we’re here to celebrate that!

Today, it’s my pleasure to invite you to a flight you’ll never forget. A guaranteed professional, realistic, but also fun flight is waiting for you! Don’t miss the opportunity and make sure you’ll come!

Date & Time: 2021-06-12T16:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Route: MMMX - KDEN

Aircraft & Livery: AeroMexico (737 / 757) / Volaris (A319) / InfiniteFlight (A318 / 737 / 757)

HUB operator for the 3 most important airlines in Mexico. Receiving traffic from 3 different continents. The capital city main airport. And with 3D buildings now! Mexico City International Airport has got to be one of the most incredible and important airports of North America!

Equipped with 2 parallel runways, 2 fully operating terminals, and located in such an eye-catching area of the Spanish-speaking country, MMMX is waiting for us to begin this exciting flight at the beautiful Mexican capital!

The 20th-busiest airport in the world and the fifth-busiest airport in the United States. With 69 million passengers traveling through the airport in 2019, DEN is one of the busiest airline hubs in the world’s largest aviation market!

Along with its 6 long runways and its 34,000 acres terrain, Denver Airport is ready to receive each of this event attendants, as it’s been chosen as the arrival airport for this event!

The time has arrived! Are you ready to request a gate? Double think it if you’re considering not to come… I promise you won’t regret it if you decide flying with us!

Ok, I think you’re ready now. Only ask for a gate in the comments section and you’ll be assigned one as soon as I read your message! Make sure to tell me which plane and airline you are flying with so I can assign you the most realistic gate you can have.


Gate 10: @xb-andi
Gate 11: @infiniteflight.luis
Gate 13: @Patricksammonyt1
Gate 15: @IFFM_Juanito
Gate 16: @bleu
Gate 17: @Tharealjaay
Gate 18: @bvv_19s
Gate 21: @Merky_AviationYT
Gate 22: @Infiniteflightuk2
Gate 23:
Gate 24:


Remote Stand S02: @Emiliano_Garcia
Remote Stand S03: @RajaSyarifudin
Remote Stand S04: @InfiniteArya
Remote Stand S05: @LilMexican
Remote Stand S06: InfiniteFlight_LosAngeles (IG)
Remote Stand S07: @IFTEX
Gate 25 (A350): @Buttery
Gate 26 (A350): @Ainesh_Kumar
Gate 27: @Zaid_Nasri
Gate 28: @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
Gate 29: @IF_expert101
Gate 30: @Wesley_Fry
Gate 31A (A350): @Mundo_aeronautico
Gate 33A (A350): @CaptainAli_yt
Gate 35A (A350): @Yatin_Arora


Right Leg

Gate 63: @trueearies
Gate 64: @RhendyAvGeek
Gate 65: @EBEK
Gate 66: @Erick_ronquaviones
Gate 67: @FxEM
Gate 68: @IF.OJAI
Gate 69: @AeroGamingMxTiktok
Gate 70: @gamer_vlogs
Gate 71: @Selva_Rahul_Kumar_Ba
Gate 72: Infinite_Flight_MX6 (IG)
Gate 73: @Kauan_borowiak
Gate 74: @IF.Tyler

Left Leg

Gate 52: @IF_Josh
Gate 53: @Captain_Young
Gate 54: @IF-Mallorca
Gate 55A: @InfiniteFlight_MTY
Gate 57A: @InfiniteFlight_Shots
Gate 59: @IF.TACO
Gate 60: @Zaid_Martines
Gate 61: @Kenneth_Natal
Gate 62: @Matty1

Departing at: 2021-06-12T16:10:00Z

Flight Time: 3h - 3.5h

Cruise Speed: 300kts / Mach 0.80

Cruising Altitude: 36,000ft / FL360

Vertical Speed: 2500ft/m

It’s most likely that I will already be there when you spawn.

If that’s the case, copy FPL from InfiniteFlight_Shots / IFSHOTS1

If that’s not the case, please wait until I spawn. DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN FPL

I am currently looking for experienced IFATC’s that want to join the event as controllers!

If you want to be part of this massive flight from the tower view, contact me! I’ll be glad if you decide to help me.

Assigned Controllers

MMMX - ATIS / Ground / Tower: @Anthony_Gomez

KDEN - Approach: @NJ24

KDEN - ATIS / Ground / Tower: @Marina

  • Spawn 20 - 10 minutes before the event starts.
  • Behave and fly professionally during all the event.
  • If it’s the case, use Unicom frequency in an appropriate way.
  • If it’s the case, please follow every ATC instructions.
  • If there’s no ATC, please only take off when the ahead aircraft is 5 miles away from the airport as minimum.
  • Due to MMMX elevation, please maintain 250kts below 17,000ft.
  • During flight, maintain a distance of 10nm with the aircraft ahead as minimum, 20nm as maximum.
  • VNAV is required to be ON for descent.
  • Due to KDEN elevation, please do not fly at a greater speed than 250kts below 15,000ft.
  • Violations received during the event are your own responsibility.
  • Gate choice at arrival airport is at pilot’s discretion.



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Thanks for coming!

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A gate with Aeromexico please :)

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Thanks for coming!

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Thanks for coming!

Requested via IG

Gate 59 amx 757

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Can I have gate 60 with Aeromexico

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Thanks for coming!

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Aeromexico 757

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Thanks for coming!

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No problemo. Just saw ur post on IG🔥

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@InfiniteFlight_Shots Drum roll.

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Can I get Gate 61 with AeroMexico pls :)

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@InfiniteFlight_Shots Gate 52 amigo.



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Thanks for coming!

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Thanks for coming!

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Can I have Gate 62 please Aeromexico 757

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Thanks for coming!


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Thanks for coming!

Requested via IG