12JUL2022 the farewell EJETS {POSTPONED}

So before the update is released I want to do a farewell flight with the original EJETS out in the game so let bro g all the f your favorite livery’s in all the EJETS and let’s fly around we will fly from Atlanta to Tampa then to Miami to say goodbye

Training server


Please join my flight any livery is ok ATC is appreciated if possible


What server?


Training server posted above

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Looks like a fun event! :)

Thanks hoping to get some more attention


I love this event! I’ll try my best to make it!

Looks interesting

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Thank you what I was looking for

1 DAY left

By ping this topic up

I will definitely join

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New destination we will now be flying from Saint Louis- Atlanta- Miami

YAY I’m so so exited!

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What time is this

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1:25 your time

Okay I will be there! I will be a Southwest B738 from St. Louis to Atlanta and Atlanta to Tampa, Tampa to Miami I will be an American B738

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We are doing nothing but EJETS

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EJets jack Ejets

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what route is it?

KSTL-KATL-KTPA-KMIA then to KEYW if anyone wants too