12JUL20 / 0000Z - Surfer's Flyout @KLAX

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the 2nd largest city in the US and biggest city on the west coast. Los Angeles is known for the Hollywood sign and also its walk of fame in which there are stars with people’s names on them who are known for Motion Pictures, Television, Radio, Recording, or Live Theatre/Performance. Another big thing in LA are the beaches. They have many famous beaches such as Venice Beach and Santa Monica, Santa Monica is also know for having the end of route 66 and for having a huge pier full of rides and places to eat. When it comes to food Los Angeles has In n Out burger, a burger place found on the west coast and with one in Dallas, Texas. It is the best fast food burger out there.

Los Angeles International (LAX)

Los Angeles International also known as LAX or KLAX is the 3rd largest airport in the world with 88,068,013 passengers in 2019. LAX currently serves to 5 out of 7 continents. LAX currently has the 5th longest flight in the world with a flight to Singapore. LAX is a great airport for flights to Europe, Australia, and Asia for it can go to all of the locations non stop which is helpful to people living in the US so that they can do a 1 stop flight from places like Miami and New York. LAX is the West Coast hub for American airlines with terminal 4 being for American and some of terminal 5. United also has 2 terminals 7 and 8 and operates long haul flights to Australia, Europe, and Asia.

Expert Server

Spawn in 5-10 minutes before
Use unicom correctly
Be aware of your surrounds many gates don’t allow for simultaneous pushbacks


Terminal 1 (Southwest)
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
09 Open Dallas Love Field Southwest Southwest 752 737-800
11A Open Tucson Southwest Southwest 2106 737-800
11B Open Las Vegas Southwest Southwest 934 737-800
13 Open San Fransisco Southwest Southwest 445 737-800
15 Open Denver Southwest Southwest 1855 737-800
17A Open El Paso Southwest Southwest 2544 737-800
17B Open Salt Lake City Southwest Southwest 2674 737-800
18B Open Atlanta Southwest Southwest 2545 737-800
18A Open Nashville Southwest Southwest 1101 737-800
16 Open Kansas City Southwest Southwest 254 737-800
12A @ORD777flyer Chicago Midway Southwest Southwest 2648 737-800
Terminal 2 (Delta)
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
21 Open Minneapolis Delta Delta 1135 a321-200
21B Open Honolulu Delta Delta 318 767-300
25 Open Paris Charles De Gaulle Delta Delta 118 a330-300
27 Open Lihue Delta Delta 302 757-200
28 Open Boston Delta Delta 664 757-200
26 Open Tampa Delta Delta 783 737-900
24 Open Seattle Delta Delta 3169 a321-200
22 Open Sydney Delta Delta 41 777-200LR
Terminal 3 (Delta)
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
38B Open Shanghai Delta Delta 89 777-200er
37B Open Orlando Delta Delta 724 757-200
37A Open Cincinnati Delta Delta 988 737-900
36 Open Guatemala City Delta Delta 1394 757-200
35 Open Aspen Delta Delta 4552 CRJ-900
34 Open Boise Delta Delta 3620 E170
33B Open Durham Delta Delta 761 737-900
33A Open Washington Regan Delta Delta 685 757-200
32 Open San Diego Delta Delta 3794 E170
31B Open San Jose Delta Delta 3787 E170
31A Open Sacramento Delta Delta 4570 E170
30 Open Omaha Delta Delta 3723 E170
Terminal 4 (American)
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
41 Open Sydney American American 73 777-300er
43 Open Hong Kong American American 193 777-300er
45 Open Miami American American 1782 737-800
47B Open New York JFK American American 118 a321-200
49A Open Chicago American American 1562 737-800
48X Open Beijing American American 181 787-9
46C Open Lihue American American 253 a321-200
46B Open Kona American American 59 a321-200
46A Open Cabo San Lucas American American 794 a321-200
42B Open Portland American American 2968 CRJ-700
42A Open Vancouver American American 3025 CRJ-700
40 Open Tulsa American American 3094 CRJ-700
Terminal 5 (American)
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
53B Open Auckland American American 83 787-9
55 Open Oklahoma City American American 3015 CRJ-700
57 @Populeux_Music Dallas Fort Worth American American 1405 a321-200
59 @Will_W Charlotte American American 1914 a321-200
58 Open Sāo Paulo American American 215 787-9
54B Open Shanghai American American 183 787-9
54A Open Vail American American 1727 a320-200
52B Open Montrose American American 3050 CRJ-700
52A Open Salt Lake City American American 3244CRJ-700
50B Open Nashville American American 2361 737-800
50A Open San Antonio American American 2975 CRJ-700
Terminal 6 (Alaskan)
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
61 @anon38496261 Anchorage Alaskan Alaskan 193 737-900
63 Open Chicago Alaskan Alaskan 1232 a320-200
65A Open New York JFK Alaskan Alaskan 406 737-900
65B Open Fort Lauderdale Alaskan Alaskan 1336 737-900
67 Open Liberia (Costa Rica) Alaskan Alaskan 282 737-900
69A Open Puerto Vallarta Alaskan Alaskan 220 a320-200
69B Open Loreto Alaskan Alaskan 258 a320-200
68B Open Missoula Alaskan Alaskan 3380 737-900
68A Open Redmond Alaskan Alaskan 2256 737-900
66 Open Everett Alaskan Alaskan 2068 737-900
64 Open Portland Alaskan Alaskan 565 a320-200
62 Open Dallas Love Field Alaskan Alaskan 3328 737-900
60 Open Washington Dulles Alaskan Alaskan 1108 737-900
Terminal 7 (United)
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
71A Open Houston United United 2053 737-900
71B Open Baltimore United United 1701 a320-200
73 Open Bozeman United United 5818 E170
75A Open Colorado Springs United United 5830 E170
75B Open Hilo United United 104 737-900
77 Open Sydney United United 839 787-10
76 Open Tokyo Narita United United 32 787-10
74 Open London Heathrow United United 923 787-10
72A Open Melbourne United United 98 787-10
70A Open Santa Maria United United 5879 E170
Terminal 8 (United)
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
80 Open Mammoth Lake United United 5478 CRJ-700
81 Open Arcata United United 5391 CRJ-700
82 Open Redding United United 5478 CRJ-700
83 Open Mammoth Lake United United 5561 CRJ-700
84 Open Prescott United United 5048 CRJ-700
85 Open Denver United United 2146 CRJ-700
87 Open Chicago United United 1545 737-800
Tom Bradley International
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
159 @PilotChrisSG Tahiti Air Tahiti Nui Air Tahiti Nui 7 787-9
157 Open London Heathrow British Airways British Airways 280 747-400
156 @cptlogue Singapore Singapore Singapore 37 a350-900
155 Open Warsaw LOT LOT 22 787-8
154 Open Taipei Eva Air Eva Air 5 787-10
153 Open Santiago Latam Lan Chile 603 787-9
152 Open Dubai Emirates Emirates 216 a380-800
151 Open Panama City Copa Airlines Copa Airlines 473 737-800
150 Open Malia Philippine Airlines Phillippine Airlines 113 777-300er
148 Open Moscow Aeroflot Aeroflot 107 777-300er
139 Open Mexico City Aeromexico Aeromexico631 737-700
135 Open Lima Lan Lan Peru 2477 767-300
134 @CPT_Bambi Jeddah Saudia Saudia 42 787-10
133 Open Osaka Japan Air Lines Japan Air Lines 69 797-9
132 @TheFlyingGuy1 Seoul Asiana Airlines Asiana Airlines 201 a350-900
131 @Joseph.Barnett Tel Aviv El Al EL Al 6 787-10
130A Open Auckland Air New Zealand Air New Zealand 3 797-9
Cargo Aprons
Southwest Cargo Aprons
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
Southwest Cargo Apron 07 Open Frankfurt Lufthansa Lufthansa Cargo 37 777-200F
Southwest Cargo Apron 06 Open Anchorage China Southern China Southern Cargo 78 777-200F
Southwest Cargo Apron 05 Open Abu Dhabi Etihad China Cargo 52 777-200F
Southwest Cargo Apron 03 Open Anchorage Cargo Lux Cargo Lux 652 747-8
Southwest Cargo Apron 01 Open Everett Boeing Freight Boeing 6 747-8
Southeast Cargo Aprons
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
Southeast Cargo Apron 03 Open Tokyo Narita Nippon Cargo Nippon Cargo 24 747-8
Southeast Cargo Apron 01 Open Paris Charles De Gaulle Air France Cargo Air France Cargo 452 777-200F
Fedex Cargo Aprons
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
Fedex Cargo Apron 12 Open Memphis Fedex Fedex 341 777-200F
Fedex Cargo Apron 1 Open Anchorage Fedex Fedex 54 MD-11F
Fedex Cargo Apron 03 Open Miami Fedex Fedex 64 777-200F
Fedex Cargo Apron 05 Open New York JFK Fedex Fedex 732 777-200F
Fedex Cargo Apron 07 Open Chicago Fedex Fedex 8723 MD-11F
Fedex Cargo Apron 10 Open Dallas Fedex Fedex 6132 MD-11F
Imperial Cargo Aprons
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
Imperial Cargo Apron 10 Open Beijing China Cargo China Cargo 3732 777-200F
Imperial Cargo Apron 01 Open Seoul Korean Air Cargo Korean Air Cargo 3124 777-200F
Imperial Cargo Apron 8 Open Doha Qatar Cargo Qatar Cargo 342 777-200F
Imperial Cargo Apron 03 Open Louisville UPS UPS 7842 MD-11F
Imperial Cargo Apron 06 Open Santiago Lan Cargo Lan Cargo 632 777-200F
Imperial Cargo Apron 05 Open Dubai Emirates Cargo Emirates Cargo 8423 777-200F
Remote Stands
Main Stands
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
Remote Stand 341A Open Beijing American American 181 787-9
Remote Stand 342A Open Fiji Generic Fiji Airways 811 a350-900
Remote Stand 343 Open Brisbane Virgin Australia Virgin Australia 6 777-300er
Remote Stand 344 Open Cebu Philippine Airlines Philippine Airlines 153 777-300er
Remote Stand 345 Open Avarua Air New Zealand Air New Zealand 29 777-300er
West Remote Stands
Gate Pilot Destination Airline Callsign Plane
West Remote Stand 201 Open Vienna Austrian Austrian 82 777-200er
West Remote Stand 202 Open Munich Lufthansa Lufthansa 453 a350-900
West Remote Stand 205 Open Madrid Iberia Iberia 6170 a350-900
West Remote Stand 206 Open Barcelona Norwegian Norwegian 7108 787-9
West Remote Stand 207 Open Dublin Aer Lingus Aer Lingus 68 a350-900
West Remote Stand 208 Open Copenhagen SAS SAS 932 a330-300
West Remote Stand 209 Open Istanbul Turkish Airways Turkish 10 777-300er
West Remote Stand 210 Open Zurich Swiss Swiss 41 777-300er
West Remote Stand 211 Open Bogota Avianca Avianca 89 787-8
West Remote Stand 212 Open Rome Alitalia Alitalia 621 777-200er
West Remote Stand 213 Open Amsterdam KLM KLM 602 777-200er
West Remote Stand 214 Open Doha Qatar Qatar 740 a350-900
West Remote Stand 215 Open Abu Dhabi Etihad Etihad 170 777-300er
West Remote Stand 216 Open Guangzhou China Southern China Southern 328 787-8
West Remote Stand 217 Open Nanjing China Eastern China Eastern 2856 a35-900
West Remote Stand 218 Open London Gatwick Norwegian Norwegian 7094 787-9
West Remote Stand 219 Open Monterrey Aeromexico Aeromexico 2705 737-700

For routes use either fpltoif or flightaware


Can I have this gate please?

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hey, just letting you know for terminal 1 gate 9, Southwest doesn’t fly to DFW, only DAL (Love Field) in Dallas


I’ll take this! 🙂

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I’ll take this one!

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Can I get an american to Dallas forth worth

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Do you think I can get a Southwest flight to MDW of course I’m joining this

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I have signed you all up

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Where’s JetBlue? Nonexistent? 🤔

Hmmm…might want to check that out 🙃

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I’ll add them forgot while making it

I’ll take 148 in TBIT but can it be KLAX-RKSI on the Asiana A359 since that’s where it departed IRL

Yep that fine, I changed the callsign accordingly

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Thank you man

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I’ll take this gate

Can I have this gate, also shouldn’t it be 787.

@CPT_Bambi- I have put you down
@Joseph.Barnett- yes it should be sorry, I have put you down

Is this still happening? it says it’s in 45 minutes

Can I get gate 11b southwest to Vegas?

Hey, can I please hop on this last minute? Thanks!

bruh 😂

It’s fine though lol