12FEB24 | UPS Virtual Presents: Petals to the Metal

UPS Virtual Presents:

Petals to the Metal: A Valentine's Day Cargo Haul


With our 6 year anniversary coming up, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a IFC community event! Valentine’s Day is the United Parcel Service’s second busiest day of the year, right after Christmas. UPS Airlines ships over 90 million flowers from South America for Valentine’s Day each year. Due to the yearly demand, over 115 routes are added to deliver almost 300,000 tons of stems. Nearly 90% of all Valentine’s Day flowers arrive at our Miami International Airport sorting hub before making their way to other parts of the country by way of Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky.

The extremely delicate and perishable flowers are temperature sensitive, and UPS has a cooler the size of five basketball courts in Miami to keep each stem beautiful and fresh in addition to UPS Aircraft having temperature controlled cargo holds that are carefully monitored by pilots during the flowers journey. The peak period for flower imports is from January 21 through February 12.

IFVARB ENDORSED endorsed_logo

IFVARB Endorsed is a series where the IFVARB partners with a VA who has set up an intriguing and interesting event. This event has been specially selected for this endorsement and has the full support of the IFVARB. This endorsement is open to any event hosted on the IFC by a VA or VO. Look out for our stamp and our staff on this event and many for the future.

Join us as our virtual airline celebrates 6 years of cargo loving. We’ll build a heavy flow of cargo traffic from the mountains of South America into our southern most domestic hub at Miami International Airport mimicking real world operations leading up to Valentine’s Day.

🗣 Pilots who partake in the event and join our VA will receive an automatic promotion to Junior First Officer.

Server: Expert Server
Featured Airport: Miami International Airport (KMIA) with secondary airports
ATC: IFATC services expected; please obey all commands.


  • Pilots are responsible for their own flight planning.
  • The use of SIDS/STARS is encouraged but may not always be followed by ATC. Please adjust accordingly.

How Do I Sign Up?

Very easily! First, RSVP above and then please respond to this thread by filling out the form below. We’ll confirm receipt by “liking” your post and we’ll make sure to add you to our event day DM with all participants.


Focus Airports

  • KMIA (Main Hub)
  • SKBO (Secondary Hub)
  • SEQM (Secondary Hub)
  • SEGU Secondary Hub)

Featured Routes & Aircraft

Fly these staff picked routes with other UPS Virtual pilots for the ultimate VA experience.

Click to view preset routes

Pilots are free to create their own routes if desired.

Click to view available aircraft
  • A330F (UPS livery)
  • MD-11F (UPS livery)
  • B748F (UPS livery)
  • MD-11F (Centurion Cargo livery)

Don’t want to fly UPS? Not a problem! Feel free to fly your favorite airline into or out of KMIA or the secondary airports. We welcome all attendees!

IFATC Service

IFATC members who are interested in controlling for the event should contact @UPSVirtual Administration via DM to sign up. We encourage controllers to open up the primary and secondary airports to give pilots a better flight experience during the event duration.

Please note that we expect the same professionalism from controllers for events as we do from our pilots.

Miami International Airport is the primary airport serving the greater Miami metropolitan area with over 1,000 daily flights to 167 domestic and international destinations, including most countries in Latin America. In 2021, Miami International Airport became the busiest international cargo airport in the U.S. and the busiest U.S. gateway for international passengers, surpassing John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. As of 2021, it is the 10th busiest airport in the U.S. with 17,500,096 passengers for the year. It is Florida’s busiest airport by total aircraft operations, total cargo traffic and total passenger traffic.

Airport Codes: MIA/KMIA Class: BravoElevation: 9’

Runway Dimensions
9/27 13,016’ x 150’
8R/26L 10,506’ x 200’
8L/26R 8,600’ x 150’
12/30 9,360’ x 150’

Airline Route Aircraft Est. Arrival Time
@FinnairVA SEQM-KMIA MD11F 1930Z
@QatariVirtual KSDF-KMIA MD-11F 1800Z-2000Z
@TapVirtual SKBO-KMIA MD-11F 2100Z
@AviancaVirtual SKBO-KMIA B748 2000Z
@IAGVirtual SKBO- KMIA A332F 2300Z
@americanvirtual SKBO - KMIA B787 1930Z

Do I have to be a member of UPS Virtual to participate in this event?

No you don’t. This event is open to all pilots from the IFC who can fly on the Expert Server. Pilots who partake in the event and join our VA will receive an automatic promotion to Junior First Officer.

Are there any preset routes?

Pilots are free to create their own route or fly the ones listed above.

Am I responsible for creating my own flight plan?

Please create your own FPL for your flight(s). The use of SIDS and STARS is required for all aircraft arriving at Miami International Airport and pilots are expected to obey all ATC commands.


Over the years we have invested our efforts in providing a fun and laid back atmosphere for pilots who appreciate the freedom that flying cargo provides. With no rank or UPS aircraft restrictions, we provide a sense of freedom to our pilots which they have come to know and love. In a time where many VA’s control how you can fly, we have decided to go a different route. We have no assigned hubs and offer you an updated schedule of our real world counterpart in addition to our Free to Fly Program; which allows you to create your own adventure by following some very simple operating procedures. How do we motivate you to keep flying for us? For one, our family is a close knit group of pilots that are just simply fun to fly with and interact with in our Discord server. Various medals keep you focused on building flight hours and our various codeshare options fill in the gaps where our normal operations wouldn’t be able to take you. Our various and unique to us internal flight programs keep adventures interesting and tailored to real world events while our state of the art crew center equipped with ACARS and many other features makes navigating your pilot portal a breeze.

We are not your typical virtual airline. Come join our family and see just how fun cargo can be.

Minimum requirements to join:

Be at least 15 years of age.
Grade 3 minimum on Infinite Flight Live.
Maximum violation/landing ratio of .15%.
Max of one (1) level 2 & 3 violations within the last year.
Have at least 100 hours of flight time on Infinite Flight Live.
Have at least 100 landings on Infinite Flight Live.
Pass the UPS Virtual Entrance Exam with a score of at least 20/25.
Submission of Infinite Flight grade table for verification.
Demonstrate a level of professionalism and knowledge in all aspects of aviation related to the virtual airline.
Applicants must have a valid IFC account that is in good standing and must not be on the IFVARB blacklist.

Please note we reserve the right to deny any application we believe does not meet our standards. In addition to the above requirements, some other factors are also taken into consideration. Applications may be handled on a case by case basis in certain circumstances.

Prospective pilots must submit an Initial Application Form via our crew center. The initial application will include information such as your name, Infinite Flight Community username, and email address. A staff member will then reach out to you via DM with a link to our entrance exam. Please note that all application communication will take place via the IFC.


UPS Virtual is a simulated, fictional creation intended for use by a special interest group within the Infinite Flight community and in no way represents the actions, opinions, or ideas of any real-world airline or Infinite Flight.



Obviously I’m in.



Here’s a fantastic behind the scenes look at what goes into this shipping period for UPS Airlines. Miss their BrownTales series!


I’ll be there, I’ll do the SKBO - KMIA route with several friends ;)


Always a favorite route of ours!

Reporting for duty


Should be a fun time!


UPS88 to ZBAD please. Please keep in mind that I may or may not attend your flights due to IF pro expiration date may reach Feb 11.



See you there!

We are pleased to announce that @FinnairVA will be joining this event. We look forward to seeing you fly in from Quito!

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We are pleased to announce that @QatariVirtual will also be joining us for this event. We look forward to seeing you there !


We are happy to announce that @TAPVirtual will be attending this event. Look forward to seeing you there!


And another one joins the party! @AviancaVirtual we welcome you to the event.


@IAGVirtual has signed up for the event. Excited to see you guys there !


I will fly with IAGVirtual

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Awesome. See you there !

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Going to be awesome to celebrate 6 years with this event.


Definitely will be there can’t wait

David R


@AmericanVirtual has joined the party! Glad to have you attend.


Nice event, I’m not sure I will be able to attend because I will be busy