12FEB23| 0100Z | Massive Columbus Flyout @KCMH

@Bay_Area_Aviation of course!!!

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Event announcement!!!

This event has officially been changed to Expect Server! With that, I’d like to welcome an amazing Sponsor from my first VA, @Breeze_Virtual


May I please change the destination to DCA as Southwest is now serving CMH to DCA using -700, -800’s, and even -8MAX’s

Thank you for letting us sponsor this seriously nice event! Our pilots will really enjoy it!

Chief Executives Officer (CEO) & Founder


@EnthusiasticAviation Roger that


No problem

I dont know what to expect

Sponsorship by breeze Virtual

r/woosh moment
you said expect server instead of expert lol

Big brain moment

Can I switch from the United to Denver to this one here to Charlotte?

This but to St Louis on a B737

@AxolotlsMaster @RagonDragon everything is updated

Event Bump!!!

Event Bump!!!

Event Bump!!!

:D ya know drill

Gate 23b plz

@Topgottem coming right up