12FEB22 / 2015z The Charleston Flyout @KCHS

Welcome to the Charleston Flyout! This is my first big event in the IFC and I would encourage all of you to join! I have been to Charleston in real life and it is beautiful. There is a variety of traffic here every day so there are many airlines to choose from

Server- Expert

Airport- KCHS

Time- 2000z (3:00pm est)

I’m going to need atc for this event here is the atc signup




Please choose a gate, route, and aircraft below you can choose any route out of this airport πŸ™‚

Terminal B

Gate B2- @T.Malone Denver international United B738

Gate B4- @ORD777flyer Baltimore Southwest B737

Gate B6- @Tharealjaay Hartsfield-Jackson Delta A320

Gate B8- @NavigateNinja John F Kennedy JetBlue E190

Gate B10- @AviationDelta1 San Antonio Breeze BCS3

Gate B9- @PolandBall_120 Tampa Breeze BCS3

Gate B7- @CaptainE Philadelphia American CRJ7

Gate B5- @Andrew_Calvin Detroit Metro Delta BCS3

Gate B3- @Southwest_2115 John F Kennedy JetBlue BCS3

Gate B1- @TheAviation_YT John F Kennedy JetBlue BCS3

Gate BC-

Terminal A

Gate A2-

Gate A4-

Gate A4B-

Gate A4A-

Gate A5-

Gate A3- @barrel John F Kennedy Delta CRJ9

Gate A1-

For those who don’t want to fly passenger we also have military gates open too

Military ramps

Ramp 1- @Asneed8706 McGuire AFB USAF C17

Ramp 2-

Ramp 3-

Ramp 4-

Ramp 5-

Ramp 6-

Ramp 7-

Ramp 8-

Ramp 9-

Ramp 10-

Ramp 11-

Ramp 12-

Ramp 13-

Ramp 14-

Ramp 15-

Ramp 16-

Ramp 17-

Ramp 18-

Ramp 19-

Ramp 20-

Ramp 21-

Ramp 22-

Ramp 23-

Ramp 24-

Ramp 25-

Ramp 26-

Ramp 27-

Ramp 28-

Ramp 29-

Ramp 30-

Ramp 31-

Ramp 32-

Ramp 33-

Ramp 34-

Ramp 60-

Ramp 61-

Ramp 62-

Ramp 63-

Ramp 64-

Contact me if u have any questions. Happy flying! πŸ™‚


KCHS is my home airport. I stay at GA 42


Ooo nice what route do u want

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Unfortunately won’t be able to join this time as I am in the fine Charleston hospital system with my wife waiting on baby number 2 so everyone have fun! Weather is looking good out there!!


Oh ok good luck

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Anyone else wanna sign up

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Can I please have gate B5-Detroit Metro-Delta BCS3


Ur signed up


Okay thank you πŸ‘

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No problem

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Hi! I would recommend using the hide details on the gear icon like this



and also add a calendar to show time differences for people around the world including a calendar to be organised πŸ™‚

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How do I do that

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The route thing

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Done with the terminal editing

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Done how does it look now

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It looks better 😊 You don’t have to add the calendar but just add the time which allows people to know when the event is at their time without them to convert it manually

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Ok will do

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You’re BCS3? See you on the east coast a lot!


Ooo nice πŸ‘

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We need atc and more signups

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