12FEB22 / 1300Z - FESCA: The Finale / Kotoka Fly-Out @ DGAA

Flying to Every Single Country in Africa:

The Finale Event

Boring Stuff

Back in August last year, I created a #live topic you may have seen on the forum. My goal was pretty simple: flying to every single 54 countries in the African continent. It is with no doubt that Africa is often overlooked among Infinite Flight players, which is the main reason why I began doing this: to encourage Infinite Flight users to fly on Africa more, as well as learn more about the countries of the continent.

That topic surprisingly blew up and eventually encouraged many others to do similar challenges, whether if it’s a country, or a whole continent. (Please check them out, they’re awesome!)

This is the event for my “last” flight of the challange (I’ll also fly to Eswatini and Lesotho) between two major African cities, Ghana’s Accra and South Africa’s Johannesburg.

Both airports are 3D and featured on the day of the event.

But you can also fly from the hub airport DGAA to another destination!
Reply and I’ll add it for you.

Event Details:

Server: Expert
Type: Fly-Out
Route: DGAA - FAOR
Date: February 12
Time: 1300Z

Time: 2022-02-12T13:00:00Z


Remote Stands

Gate no. Destination Aircraft Pilot
E1 Vacant Vacant
E2 Vacant Vacant
E3 Vacant Vacant

Terminal 2

Gate no. Destination Aircraft Pilot
D1 Vacant Vacant
D2 Vacant Vacant
D3 Vacant Vacant
D4 Vacant Vacant
D5 Vacant Vacant
D6 Vacant Vacant

Terminal 3

Gate no. Destination Aircraft Pilot
C1 Vacant Vacant
C2 Vacant Vacant
C3 Vacant Vacant
C4 Vacant Vacant
C5 Vacant Vacant
C6 FAOR South African A333 @Merky_AviationYT
C7 FAOR South African A333 @Lotus
C8 FAOR South African A333 @PlaneLife2018


Gate no. Destination Aircraft Pilot
B1 Vacant Vacant
B2 Vacant Vacant
B3 Vacant Vacant

Wish I could join but thats early for me. Good Luck on the Event!

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Thank you mate!

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Update: Moved the time forward from 1200Z to 1300Z

Event bump for more sign ups! The airport is 3D and will be featured on the day of event, don’t miss out!

I’ll take a gate! Airbus 001AB with South Africa’s A333 as well. See you!

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You’ve been assigned to Gate C8, see you!

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I’ll take this gate please

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Alright! South African A333 to FAOR I assume?

How long is the flight?

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Around 5 - 6 hours

Sorry i wont be able to make it since it starts at 5AM for me, but i think i can join from another flight?

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Yep! You can also fly to nearby IFATC airports like Abuja DNAA

I was planning to start from Brussels and joining you guys while I’m asleep, so ill do some calculations ahead of time

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Alright! See you soon

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Event bump!

Having a event where it finishes while this one starts
Good luck to your event as it will be midnight for me🙃

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That’s okay, safe flights to your destination!

what is the altitude?

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FL350, and then FL370 later

Also we can start early since we’re not really waiting for anyone