12FEB21 / 2300z - An Overnight Delight from @ SEGU to EHAM

Join @NJ24, @DannyHL and myself on a flight across the atlantic and Europe for a on time Arrival in the Sunny Netherlands. All the details and information can be found below:

  • Aircraft: KLM 777-300ER, KLM 787-9
  • Route: Guayaquil (SEGU) - Amsterdam (EHAM)
  • Time of Departure: We will Push Back at 2300z for a on time Departure off of Runway 21
  • Flight Time: Aprox. 11:00hrs, Arrival at 1000z
  • Server: We will be flying on the Expert Server for Possible ATC Services upon landing

Todays Route can be found here (Subject to change before departure, may be copied from @Flying_Pencil for included SIDs, STARs and Approaches):

SEGU D090E BIVAN 112S/7857W AKPOT VANIK DOVKO BOLOM DOBLI DADKA UGVIX SEKLU KEXAN AMAYA EDSEM ITADI OPNAL DADMU EGOSU PORDI TEPER OROSU USOMI VURAN BUSVI UDIMA DAREK PERGA GND BGI 1458N 1557N 1656N 1755N 1854N 1953N 2052N 2151N 2250N 2349N 2448N 2547N 2646N 2745N 2844N 2943N 3042N 3141N 3240N 3339N 3438N 3537N 3636N 3735N 3834N 3933N 4032N 4131N 4230N 4329N 4428N 4530N/2600W 4625N 4722N 4730N/2000W 4818N 4830N/1600W NERTU GAPLI CPT IPRIL KOBBI BRAIN GASBA RATLO 5160N/144E REDFA SULUT SUGOL EH643 EHAM


We look forward to flying with you!

Can’t wait!

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Shouldn’t it be across South America & North Atlantic Ocean?

I’ll come as long as we don’t go through Asia.

Great! You´re quite right, I had a few too many ideas for flights in my head while making this.

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I’m glad I found this post. I was parking at SEGU alone, almost ready for departure to Doha, when suddenly so many just appeared next to me. I was curious to why since there was neither ATC nor a very popular airport. Happy to find this information to satisfy my curiosity even though I didn’t participate in the event.

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