12FEB21 / 1900Z - East to the Middle East @ VGHS - Dhaka Flyout


Hello everyone! Id like to welcome you to my first ever event that I have created and the first event to be hosted in Bangladesh: The Dhaka Flyout to the Middle East!
As you have probably guessed by now this event is a flyout to various different destinations in the Middle East which you can choose from. But why Bangladesh you ask? Well ill tell you now!

Dhaka Hazrat Shajalal International Airport (VGHS/DAC) is the main airport which serves Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and is the hub for Biman Bangladesh Airlines- the national carrier of Bangladesh. 10 years ago, it was an obscure, non profit making destination where a lot of airlines like British Airways, Etihad and Oman Air among others cancelled this route on their network due no profit being generated. However, this route is now one of the most sought out routes in South Asia with British Airways returning back to Bangladesh after 11 years! Biman Bangladesh Airlines connects cities from Dhaka to the likes of London, Manchester, Hong Kong and Singapore and is planning on connecting cities like Toronto, Tokyo and New York. Airlines like Emirates, Saudia and Kuwait dominate this route for commercial and cargo purposes between Bangladesh and the Middle East and more airlines want in on the profit.

VGHS/DAC and Bangladesh in Infinite Flight is mostly unexplored so with this event it gives an opportunity for pilots to explore and create more routes in and out of Dhaka and gives a spotlight on Dhaka Hazrat Shajalal Airport in the hopes of making it a frequent airport for live events and on the live ATC schedule.

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Dhaka Hazrat Shajalal International Airport (VGHS/DAC)

Date and Time: Friday 12th February 2021 at 1900Z

In this event, I will be giving you the option to choose which airline and route you want to fly whether it be cargo, commercial or GA.
These include:


  • Emirates - Dubai International (OMDB/DXB)

  • Saudia - Jeddah International (OEJN/JED)

  • Kuwait Airways - Kuwait City (OKBK/KWI)

  • Etihad Airways - Abu Dhabi International (OMAA/AUH)

  • Qatar Airways - Doha Hammad International (OTHH/DOH)

  • Gulf Air - Bahrain International (OBBI/BAH)

  • Oman Air - Muscat International (OOMS/MCT)


  • Saudia Cargo - Riyadh International (OERK/RUH)

  • Emirates SkyCargo - Dubai World Central (OMDW/DWC)

  • Qatar Cargo - Doha Hammad International (OTHH/DOH)


Your choice of GA aircraft to:

  • Sylhet Osmani Airport (VGSY/ZYL)

  • Chittagong Shah Amanat (VGEG/CGP)

  • Barisal Airport (VGBR/BZL)

  • Saidpur Airport (VGSD/SPD)

please note these are domestic airports so flight time will be less then 1 hour and will be the last to fly out from Dhaka


  • Turkish Airlines - Istanbul International (LTFM/IST)

Runways: Runway 14 will be used for departure and any arrivals but this is subject to change.

NOTAM: If ATC is present, please follow the instructions of the controller. Please ensure you have a SID procedure in your flight plan unless told otherwise by ATC. Please try and stick with the other pilots that is doing the same route as you for screenshot and video purposes. This event nor I is responsible responsible for any ghosts/reports that is issued during this event.

Airport Charts

Microsoft Word - AIP AD 5th Edition.doc (caab.gov.bd)
VGHS - Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport | SkyVector

Dhaka Hazrat Shajalal Airport is NOT a big airport so there will only be 3 spaces for each airline in the commercial category (excluding the bonus flight which is only one gate), 2 spaces for each airline in the cargo category and 1 space each space for the GA aircraft so this is a first come, first serve basis.

Commercial Gates
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Callsign Pilot
Gate 01 Emirates B77W OMDB EK583A @SWA1997 on T/S gate still available for expert
Gate 02 Emirates B77W OMDB EK583B
Gate 03 Emirates B77W OMDB EK583C
Gate 04 Etihad Airways B77W OMAA EY245A @half-aviation
Gate 05 Etihad Airways B77W OMAA EY245B
Gate 06 Etihad Airways B77W OMAA EY245C
Gate 16 Turkish Airlines B77W LTFM TK713
Gate X Saudia B77W OEJN SV803A
Gate Y Saudia B77W OEJN SV803B
Remote Apron 12 Saudia B77W OEJN SV803C
Remote Apron 13 Gulf Air A321 OBBI GF251A @Ubaid1
Remote Apron 14 Gulf Air A321 OBBI GF251B
Remote Apron 27 Gulf Air A321 OBBI GF251C
Remote Apron 16 Kuwait Airways B77W OKBK KU284A
Remote Apron 07 Kuwait Airways B77W OKBK KU284B
Remote Apron 08 Kuwait Airways B77W OKBK KU284C
Remote Apron 09 Qatar Airways B77W OTHH QR635A
Remote Apron 19 Qatar Airways B77W OTHH QR635B
Remote Apron 23 Qatar Airways B77W OTHH QR635C
Remote Apron 24 Oman Air B789 OOMS WY316A
Remote Apron 25 Oman Air B789 OOMS WY316B
Remote Apron 26 Oman Air B789 OOMS WY316C

Cargo Gates
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Callsign Pilot
Cargo Apron 10 Saudia Cargo B77F OERK SV965A
Cargo Apron 11 Saudia Cargo B77F OERK SV965B
Cargo Apron 17 Emirates SkyCargo B77F OMDW EK585A
Cargo Apron FO3 Emirates SkyCargo B77F OMDW EK585B
Cargo Apron FO1 Qatar Cargo B77F OTHH QR8631A
Cargo Apron FO2 Qatar Cargo B77F OTHH QR8631B

GA Gates
Gates Aircraft Destination Callsign Pilot
Arirang Aviation Limited Apron 01 Your choice of GA aircraft VGSY Your choice for callsign
Arirang Aviation Limited Apron 02 Your choice of GA aircraft VGEG Your choice for callsign
Bangladesh Flying Academy Apron 01 Your choice of GA aircraft VGBR Your choice for callsign
Bangladesh Flying Academy Apron 02 Your choice of GA aircraft VGSD Your choice for callsign

Thank you in advance if you will be attending this event! I hope to see you on the 12th of February!

See ya there - Ubaid


I will come and join but I can do it on the Training Server

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Yeah that’s fine but this gate will still be available on the expert

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Yup I know 😁

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Perfect! Thanks!

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You welcome

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I’ll be taking
Remote Apron 13 Gulf Air A321 OBBI GF251A

May I have this

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Yes absolutely! See ya there!

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