12DEC20 / 2200Z - The Philadelphia Fill Up! @ KPHL [DEPARTED]


Hosted By @KSS

Welcome to Philadelphia Int’l Airport

Welcome to Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. Serving the Philadelphia area, over 33 million passengers traveled through Philadelphia in 2019 and has made it the 20th busiest airport in the United States. You can fly to 130 different destinations worldwide with 25 airlines and is one of American Airlines’ large hubs.


Server : Expert

Airport : Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL)

Time : 2020-12-12T22:00:00Z


Airport Diagram


Quick Note
  • AA A320 is replacing A319

  • Use US Airways livery or generic ERJ-175 for AA ERJ-175

  • AA CRJ-200 is replacing ERJ-145

  • UPS A330-200F will replace the A300

  • All destinations and gate assignments are as realistic as possible based off of real world data

  • Use generic livery for an aircraft that doesn’t provide your airline


40 attendees as of 2020-12-12T20:50:00Z

Terminal A East
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
A2 American ERJ-175 Milwaukee KMKE
A3 American ERJ-175 St Louis KSTL
A4 American A321 Charlotte KCLT @Devon_mo_piedmont114
A6 American A320 Montego Bay MKJS
A7 American 737-800 Denver KDEN
A8 American 787-9 Chicago O’Hare KORD
A9 American 737-800 Punta Cana MDPC
A10 American 737-800 San Juan TJSJ
A11 American A321 Cancun MMUN
A12 American 737-800 Chicago O’Hare KORD @NeE
A13 American A320 Boston KBOS @Saharsh

Terminal A West
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
A14 Icelandair 757-200 Keflavik BIKF @Airliner
A15 Qatar A350-900 Doha OTHH @Half-Aviation
A16 British Airways 787-9 London EGLL @Vignesh_S
A17 Lufthansa 747-400 Frankfurt EDDF @MacGyver
A18 American 737-800 Boston KBOS @agSILVEr_04
A19 American 787-9 Manchester EGCC
A20 American 787-9 Miami KMIA @DeltaFox
A21 American 787-9 Milan LIMC @titto135
A22 American 787-9 London EGLL @Adrian_K
A23 American 787-9 Madrid LEMD
A24 American 787-9 Rome LIRF
A25 American 787-9 Dublin EIDW @Tre_dioR
A26 American 787-9 Amsterdam EHAM @Infiniteflight2

Terminal B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
B1 American ERJ-175 Columbus KCMH
B2 American ERJ-175 Kansas City KMCI
B3 American ERJ-175 Pittsburgh KPIT @Aviation108
B4 American ERJ-175 Omaha KOMA @anon74260613
B5 American A321 Fort Lauderdale KFLL @jay757
B6 American A320 New Orleans KMSY
B7 American ERJ-175 Indianapolis KIND
B8 American ERJ-175 Buffalo KBUF
B9 American A321 Chicago O’hare KORD @Prerb
B10 American A321 San Diego KSAN
B11 American A320 Tampa KTPA
B13 American 737-800 Miami KMIA @UACrew_IF
B14 American 737-800 Boston KBOS @KSS
B15 American A321 Phoenix KPHX
B16 American 737-800 Orlando KMCO

Terminal C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
C17 American ERJ-175 Providence KPVD
C18 American ERJ-175 Atlanta KATL
C19 American ERJ-175 Pensacola KPNS
C20 American A320 West Palm Beach KPBI
C21 American A320 Key West KEYW
C22 American A321 Los Angeles KLAX
C23 American ERJ-175 Jacksonville KJAX
C24 American A321 San Francisco KSFO
C25 American ERJ-175 Minneapolis KMSP
C26 American ERJ-175 Indianapolis KIND
C27 American A321 Dallas KDFW
C28 American A321 Orlando KMCO
C29 American A321 Las Vegas KLAS
C30 American A321 Boston KBOS
C31 American A320 St Thomas TIST @LETHAL

Terminal D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
D1 Air Canada CRJ-200 Montreal CYUL
D2 Alaska 737-800 Portland KPDX @antoniobig25
D3 United ERJ-170 Houston KIAH
D4 Alaska 737-900 Seattle KSEA
D5 Air Canada ERJ-175 Toronto CYYZ
D6 Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis KMSP
D7 United 737-900 Denver KDEN @evan_vlogs
D9 United A320 San Francisco KSFO
D10 Delta ERJ-170 Boston KBOS
D11 United ERJ-170 Chicago O’Hare KORD
D12 Delta 717-200 Detroit KDTW @Cooper_Marcukaitis
D13 United A320 Houston KIAH
D14 Delta CRJ-900 Minneapolis KMSP
D15 Delta 737-900 Salt Lake City KSLC
D16 Delta 737-900 Atlanta KATL @CSTEP4

Terminal E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
E1 Spirit A320 Orlando KMCO @IFA_YT
E2 JetBlue A320 San Juan TJSJ @FlyandCrash
E3 Spirit A320 Las Vegas KLAS @JetBlue-Aviation-YT
E4 JetBlue A320 Orlando KMCO
E5 Spirit A321 San Juan TJSJ
E6 Frontier A320 Orlando KMCO @Jayson_Martinez
E7 Frontier A320 New Orleans KMSY
E8 Frontier A320 San Juan TJSJ
E9 Frontier A320 Denver KDEN
E10 Frontier A320 Raleigh-Durham KRDU
E11 Southwest 737-800 Nashville KBNA
E12 Southwest 737-700 Orlando KMCO @Will_W
E13 Southwest 737-800 Denver KDEN
E14 Southwest 737-700 Houston KHOU
E15 Southwest 737-700 Dallas KDAL @kindatartysliceofpie
E16 Southwest 737-800 Chicago-Midway KMDW
E17 Southwest 737-700 Atlanta KATL @starboysolz

Terminal F
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
F1 American CRJ-700 Syracuse KSYR
F2 American CRJ-700 Buffalo KBUF @MJP_27
F3 American CRJ-700 Louisville KSDF
F4 American CRJ-700 Knoxville KTYS
F5 American CRJ-200 Rochester KROC
F6 American CRJ-700 Greenville-Spartanburg KGSP
F7 American CRJ-700 Milwaukee KMKE
F9 American CRJ-700 Fort Myers KRSW
F11 American CRJ-200 Lexington KLEX
F12 American CRJ-900 Daytona Beach KDAB @NYFLFlyer22
F13 American CRJ-200 Salisbury KSBY
F14 American CRJ-700 Detroit KDTW
F15 American CRJ-200 Albany KALB
F16 American CRJ-900 Cincinnati KCVG @kcvg.aviation
F17 American CRJ-700 Akron KCAK
F18 American CRJ-700 Burlington KBTV
F19 American CRJ-700 Dayton KDAY
F20 American CRJ-200 Toronto CYYZ
F21 American CRJ-700 Montreal CYUL
F22 American CRJ-700 Charleston KCHS
F23 American CRJ-700 Raleigh-Durham KRDU
F24 American CRJ-700 Savannah KSAV
F25 American CRJ-200 Greensboro KGSO
F26 American CRJ-700 Norfolk KORF @anon25781354
F27 American CRJ-900 Grand Rapids KGRR @Deltadev13
F28 American CRJ-700 Myrtle Beach KMYR
F29 American CRJ-200 Washington-National KDCA @aviation2929
F30 American CRJ-200 State College KUNV @bryan4558
F31 American CRJ-700 Windsor Locks KBDL
F32 American CRJ-700 Manchester KMHT
F33 American CRJ-200 Fort Wayne KFWA
F34 American CRJ-200 Wilmington KILM
F35 American CRJ-200 Watertown KART
F36 American CRJ-200 Roanoke KROA
F37 American CRJ-200 Islip KISP
F38 American CRJ-200 Harrisburg KMDT
F39 American CRJ-200 Richmond KRIC

UPS Cargo
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
E1 UPS 757-200 Harrisburg KMDT
E2 UPS 757-200 Windsor Locks KBDL
E3 UPS 757-200 Louisville KSDF
E4 UPS 757-200 West Palm Beach KPBI
N1 UPS 757-200 Cleveland KCLE
N2 UPS 757-200 Jacksonville KJAX
N3 UPS 757-200 Pittsburgh KPIT
N4 UPS 757-200 Detroit KDTW
N5 UPS 757-200 Charlotte KCLT
N6 UPS 757-200 Denver KDEN
N7 UPS MD-11 Oakland KOAK
N8 UPS MD-11 Long Beach KLGB
N9 UPS 757-200 Chicago-Rockford KRFD
N10 UPS MD-11 Newark KEWR @Gameboy_kIRB
N11 UPS 757-200 Richmond KRIC
N12 UPS 757-200 Des Moines KDSM
S2 UPS A330-200F Columbia KCAE
S3 UPS A330-200F Manchester KMHT
S4 UPS A330-200F Orlando KMCO
S5 UPS A330-200F Raleigh-Durham KRDU
S6 UPS A330-200F Chicago O’Hare KORD
S7 UPS A330-200F Boston KBOS
S8 UPS A330-200F Ontario KONT
S9 UPS MD-11 Louisville KSDF
S10 UPS A330-200F Atlanta KATL
S11 UPS MD-11 Miami KMIA
S12 UPS MD-11 London Stansted EGSS
S13 UPS MD-11 East Midlands EGNX
W1 UPS 757-200 Buffalo KBUF
W2 UPS 757-200 Tampa KTPA
W3 UPS 757-200 Minneapolis KMSP
W4 UPS 757-200 Gary KGYY

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
Ramp 1 DHL 757-200 Cincinnati KCVG
Ramp 2 Fedex MD-11 Indianapolis KIND
Ramp 3 Fedex MD-11 Memphis KMEM
Ramp 4 Fedex MD-11 Newark KEWR
Ramp 5 Fedex MD-11 Boston KBOS


  • Spawn 10-15 minutes prior to departure
  • Do not attempt to pushback at the sametime as another aircraft beside you
  • Respect Unicom or IFATC if present
  • I am not responsible for any violations or reports
  • Have Fun!

A group PM will be sent out 3 days prior to the event!
Hope to see you all there!

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You already know what gate I want.

The one with the CRJ-700

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@MJP_27 Buffalo?

Yep! Buffalo! F2 for me please!

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@MJP_27 I’ve got you down!

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This one plzzzz 😁

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@Cooper_Marcukaitis you are signed up!

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B9 to Chicago Ohare please! (a321)

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@Prerb you are signed up!

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I’ll take this gate for now. Only because I realized if the rework is before this event we won’t have the UPS livery on the 757 anymore.

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Actually is there a way I can get an American Eagle flight to Omaha? I’ll use the US Airways livery. Thanks

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@anon74260613 you are signed up. Gate B4 to OMA

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Thank you!

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II´L Take that please.

Don´t worry I´m sure i can attend this time :)

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Can I please have the Delta flight to KSLC at gate D14. Thank you!

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Terminal A West

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
A14 Icelandair 757-200 Keflavik BIKF

Take that one

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Would it be possible to get an AA gate in Terminal F down to Daytona Beach (KDAB)? The route starts on December 17 with a CRJ 900. I completely understand if you don’t want to add a route that hasn’t started yet. I have another gate in mind if you don’t want to add a flight to DAB, but would love it if you could add it!

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A15 Qatar A350-900 Doha OTHH

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This pliz.

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@Adrian_K, @InfiniteFlight48, @Half-Aviation, @Airliner, @JetSuperior5192, you all are now signed up!

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