12DEC20 / 2100Z [Arrival] - Прилёт в Россию / Russian Fly-In @ UUEE

@Airliner @Adrian_K @thenewpilot @hass.ik @TheExDid_HD @Keegan_Butler Important change: 21:00 Zulu is the arrival time of departure so now I will update your departure time


I can join now since you changed the time. Can you sign me up for a flight from New York?

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If my flight time is 9:55, shouldn’t I take off at 12:05 Zulu, not 11:05? Can you confirm my take off time

Can I use an a330 Aeroflot?

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Nope. Imagine your flight is 10 Hours: 21-10=11:00Zulu. But as it is 9:55 you have to add 5 minutes. And yes. Use the 330 if you want

Oh I get it now. Thanks