12DEC20 / 2100Z [Arrival] - Прилёт в Россию / Russian Fly-In @ UUEE

Russian Fly-In

Welcome to the great Russia Fly-In. This time we will be doing a flight to the “mother Russia” from different countries. For that reason this event will not have alocated gates. We will be flying from the next countries: Russia, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, UEA, India, Thailand, Bali, China, Japan and South Korea.

Event Information

Server: Expert
Dest. Airport: Moscow Sheremetyevo - UUEE
Time: Saturday 12 December @ 21:00 ZULU Arrival time


Country Airport Airline Aircraft Flight Time Departure Time (In Zulu) Pilot
Bali WADD - Denpasar Aeroflot B773 12:30 8:30 @Airliner, @Adrian_K, @flybarroso
China ZBAA - Beijing Air China B789 7:30 13:30
China ZHHH - Wuhan China Shouthern B789 8:20 12:40
England EGLL - London Aeroflot A320 4:15 16:45
France LFPG - Paris Air France A319 4:10 16:50 @Keegan_Butler
France LFML - Marseille Aeroflot A320 4:15 16:45
Germany EDDM - Munich Aeroflot A320 3:10 17:50
Germany EDDL - Düsseldorf Aeroflot A320 3:20 17:40
Hong Kong VHHH - Hong Kong Aeroflot A359 9:25 11:35
Italy LIRF - Rome Alitalia A321 3:55 17:05
Italy LIMC - Milan Alitalia A321 3:45 17:15
Ireland EIDW - Dublin Aer Lingus A359 4:25 16:35 @TheExDid_HD
India VIDP - New Delhi Air India B773 6:05 14:55
India VABB - Mumbai Air India B773 6:55 14:05
Japan RJAA - Tokyo Japan Airlines B772 9:45 11:15
Korea RKSI- Seoul Korean Air B773 8:40 11:20
Norway ENGM - Oslo Aeroflot A320 2:50 18:10
Russia UNKL - Krasnoyarsk Aeroflot A359 4:55 16:05
Russia UHPP - Petropavlovsk Aeroflot B773 8:35 12:25
Spain LEMD - Madrid Aeroflot A330 5:20 15:40
Spain LEBL - Barcelona Aeroflot A330 4:40 16:20
Sweden ESSA - Stockholm Aeroflot A320 2:20 18:40
Switzerland LSZH - Zurich Swiss A319 3:45 17:15
Thailand VTBS - Bangkok Thai Airways A350 9:20 11:40
UEA OMDB - Dubai Aeroflot B77W 5:15 15:45 @hass.ik
USA KJFK - New York United B773 9:55 11:05 @Infiniteflight2
USA KMIA - Miami Aeroflot A330 12:30 8:30
USA KLAX - Los Angeles Delta B77L 12:35 8:25


  • You should be at your origin airport 10 minutes before the takeoff time.
  • Flight times may vary, estimated time given by FlightConnections
  • Here you can check the real Moscow Charts
  • I am not responsable for any violations you receive.

When is the depature time? 1700Z?

I can´t attend this time because I´ll be hosting another event in the gulag, sorry

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Nice event !

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Sign me the heck up! I made my pfp Sputnik 1 for one reason. Russia is interesting to me.

Or, in Sputnik: Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep.

I’ll be squatting from LAX (plz sign me up)

take this gate and please note: Will join if can

Could I do the route from KMIA in an Aeroflot a330? That’s the route operated irl. American does not operate there at all.

I Know It’s operated by Аэрофлот but I used some extra airlines to have variety. I will sign you up soon


These charts are too old, without new runway and rebuilt terminals B and C. Better source - http://www.caiga.ru/common/AirInter/validaip/html/eng.htm or https://vau.aero/navdb/chart/UUEE.pdf
but I think it will be a great event 👍


I think it’s better to call “прилёт а Россию” than “приезд в Россию” since “приезд” means mostly by car/train in Russian. However, if this title was a part of your plan then all good! 😃


Can I reserve the emirates flight please?

Can I have this

@thenewpilot - I do not understand

@Keegan_Butler - Enjoy your flight from KLAX

@Airliner - Gate at Bali reserved

@TheExDid_HD - With the A330 ;)

@AeroflotVirtual - Thank you very much!!

@Alexorlov - Thank you, I thought they were updated and I linked them because where more clean than the vau.aero ones

@a300c - Thank you for this, Google translator is so bad LOL

@hass.ik - All yours

@Adrian_K - You will fly with @Airliner from Bali


Thank you so much! See you soon.

What I’m saying is, I’ll take a gate.

I’ll take the VHHH flight on the Aeroflot A359.

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Is 1700 Zulu the time for arrival at Moscow or the time that we depart from our airports

Depart from the airports

Okay but sorry I won’t be able to attend :( Too early in the morning for me. But I am joining you’re Wuhan and Iberia flyouts.

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Hmm makes more sense to be the arrival time.

@Airliner @Adrian_K @thenewpilot @hass.ik @TheExDid_HD @Keegan_Butler Important change: 21:00 Zulu is the arrival time of departure so now I will update your departure time