12DEC20 / 2030Z - VTBS Fly Out @ VTBS

Airline:Thai Airways


Server:Expert Or Training

Contact me on Instagram: Parangonipaolo

Mate, this is likely not formatted.

You must decide wich server will take effect. Also you must edit your title.

Please see here for more help:

Thanks :)

Your tittle should be

12DEC20/20:30Z - VTBS Fly Out @ VTBS

Oh @MJP_27 @Alec @Pingu if you don’t want me to summon you just tell me so

Yes I know because I done some things wrong sorry

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Well, Just edit it a bit and you’ll be fine :)
Don’t throw it down

Nah it’s fine I done a different one

I suggest to do it on expert

Also don’t post multiple topics about the same thing

Please don’t, I have eyes for seeing. I fixed the title for you.

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Please don’t randomly tag users, they’ll get to it when they can (and they have lives).

Hey there @Plane_Aviator, please check the guidelines that were linked as to improve for your next group flight. Thanks!


It must be tagging the mods and staff.

Title has been fixed. If you could add some detail that would be better.

Tagging users that may or may not be busy at school is also not cool, with no context.

Should this not be in events?

Hi there, #live:groupflights is for flights originating within 3 hours. Please change the date/time.

@Errigal, events are more organized with gates, routes, etc. Also the user does not meet the trust level to post in events.

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Oh right I was just referring to the date

Once corrected please flag and we will make visible.

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