12DEC20 / 1900Z - Vancouver flyout @ CYVR

This gate please. Going to be a 50/50 chance of me coming, just put me down for now - WSVG002

Passenger routes

ICAO Destination Airline Aircraft Distance Gates Claims
EHAM Amsterdam KLM B772 4161 nm IN
KATL Atlanta Delta Airlines B739 1950 nm USN
NZAA Auckland Air New Zealand B77W 6135 nm IN

Take that one to auckland

Thanks for your reservations gentlemen and gentleliners, both of you are now signed up.
Microtag for them to know: @Airliner @MJP_27

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MAY i have this one ? 😁

Gate 35 to Edmonton plz

Yes you absolutely may and will have that one.
Also, @SA247, please select a route from the route table, we don’t do imaginary ones here, and that’s even not considering the fact that you can’t even spawn in a 777 at your desired gate.

Hi guys could I have this flight please and thanks for organising this event

Hi captain, got your reservation noted somewhere over at gate 65. Thanks for signing up!

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OMG you need to teach me how to do such visualization. Very much needed. Maybe #ground-school:community-tutorials? Please hahaha

Anyway great event, sadly it is 3am for departure :( Hope to see in your next event soon :)

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I’ll take this one please 😁 callsign Air Canada 420VA

Oh hey, Air Canada peeps. Race to Sydney between you and CaptainLunardo to Sydney will start from gate 73 for you.

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Could I please take this one?

Yep, the only transborder non-partner gate is now yours ;)

Thank you very much :-)

There is a crap ton of routes, this should be amazing! Idk if you have a gate to Denver, but if you could put me in for a flight to Denver to Air Canada CRJ-900, then count me in! Doesnt matter what gate.

  1. There isn’t a flight to Denver in this ton of routes
  2. Air Canada flights to non-domestic destinations are only reserved for the Air Canada Virtual pilots until 1 week before the event.
  3. Please read the post
  4. For everything else there’s mastercard
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Hi! So could I get signed up for the united flight to EWR, in gate 84, please? I don’t know if I formated that correctly or if I ask for a gate or not lol 😂 thanks!

Understandable have a gate 84

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Thank you!

is it possible to get a 77F fedex to sydney ?