12DEC20 / 1900Z - Vancouver flyout @ CYVR

Vancouver - the capital of canadian west coast and a place with outstanding virtual and not so landscapes. It is a popular stop for asian carriers flying to the east coast of USA, but is also sometimes used by cargo airlines as an alternative to Anchourage. This December, you are invited to visit this mountanous wonderland with the help from the locals - Air Canada Virtual and WestJet Virtual - and fly routes ranging from short hops over the bay to ultra-long hauls to Sydney and Delhi.

Event info

Server: Expert
Date and time: 2020-12-12T19:00:00Z
Attendees: 17 (max 107)
IFATC: nope :(
Partners: WestJet Virtual, Air Canada Virtual

Embedded google maps don’t work at all with new posts for some reason. To see the usual flight map please visit this link


Any route might be duplicated in case there are gates to accommodate it

Passenger routes
ICAO Destination Airline Aircraft Distance Gates Claims
EHAM Amsterdam KLM B772 4161 nm IN
KATL Atlanta Delta Airlines B739 1950 nm USN @Tharealjaay
NZAA Auckland Air New Zealand B77W 6135 nm IN @Airliner
ZBAA Beijing Capital Air China B789 4585 nm IN
KORD Chicago O’Hare American Airlines B738 1529 nm USN @OT359
KORD Chicago O’Hare United Airlines B739 1529 nm USN
KDFW Dallas Fort Worth American Airlines A321 1522 nm USN
EDDF Frankfurt Lufthansa A333/A359 4353 nm IN
ZGGG Guangzhou China Southern B789 5509 nm IN
VHHH Hong Kong Cathay Pacific A359/B77W 5545 nm IN @CaptainN
KIAH Houston United Airlines B738 1711 nm USN
EGLL London Heathrow British Airways A388/B744 4092 nm IN
KLAX Los Angeles United Express E170/CRJ7 940 nm USN
PRLL Manila Philippine Airlines A359/B77W 5699 nm IN
MMMX Mexico City Aeromexico B737 2130 nm IN
KMSP Minneapolis Delta Airlines B738 1244 nm USN
ZSNJ Nanjing China Eastern A359 4929 nm IN
VIDP New Delhi Air India B77W 6014 nm IN
KJFK New York John F. Kennedy Cathay Pacific A359/B77W 2122 nm USW
KEWR Newark United Airlines B738 2105 nm USN @William_Walker
LFPG Paris Charles de Gaulle Air France B772 4280 nm IN
KPHX Phoenix American Airlines A320 1069 nm USN
KPDX Portland Alaska Airlines B738 218 nm USN
BIKF Reykjavik Icelandair B752 3070 nm IN @Sam73628
KSLC Salt Lake City Delta/Delta Connection A320/E170 692 nm USN
KSFO San Francisco United Airlines A320 696 nm USN
KSEA Seattle Alaska Airlines B739 110 nm USN
KSEA Seattle Delta Connection E170 110 nm USN
RKSI Seoul Korean Air A333/B789/B77W 4428 nm IN
YSSY Syndey Qantas B744 6750 nm IN @CaptainLunardo
RCTP Taipei China Airlines A359 5179 nm IN
RCTP Taipei EVA Air B77W 5179 nm IN
RJTT Tokyo Haneda All Nippon Airlines B789 4081 nm IN
RJAA Tokyo Narita Japan Airlines B789 4051 nm IN
KIAD Washington United Airlines A320 2032 nm USN
ZSAM Xiamen Xiamen Air B788 5304 nm IN

Note: Cathay Pacific flight to New York makes a stopover in Vancouver, that’s why the YVR-JFK route is on the list.

Cargo routes
ICAO Destination Airline Aircraft Distance Gates Claims
CYXX Abbotsford Skylink Express C208 34 nm CP
CYXX Abbotsford UPS B752 34 nm CJ
CYYC Calgary Fedex B752 371 nm CJ
KCVG Cincinnati DHL B77L 1746 nm CW
CYEG Edmonton Fedex C208 437 nm CP
MMGL Guadalajara Korean Air Cargo B77L 1967 nm CW
CYKA Kamloops Skylink Express C208 139 nm CP
CYLW Kelowna Skylink Express C208 155 nm CP
CYLW Kelowna Kelowna Flightcraft
Air Charter
DC10 155 nm CP
KLAX Los Angeles China Southern cargo B77L 940 nm CW
KLAX Los Angeles DHL B752 940 nm CJ
KLAX Los Angeles Korean Air Cargo B77L 940 nm CW
KSDF Louisville UPS B752 / A332 1734 nm CJ / CW
KMEM Memphis Fedex B752/B77L 1686 nm CJ / CW @IFCaptainNore
CYCD Nanaimo Skylink Express C208 28 nm CP
KOAK Oakland Fedex C208 690 nm CP
KPDX Portland DHL B752 218 nm CJ
CYXS Prince George Skylink Express C208 282 nm CP
KSEA Seattle DHL B752 110 nm CJ
KBFI Seattle Boeing Field Skylink Express C208 106 nm CP
KBFI Seattle Boeing Field UPS B752 106 nm CJ
RKSI Seoul Korean Air Cargo B77L 4428 nm CW
ZSPD Shanghai Pudong China Southern cargo B77L 4868 nm CW
KGEG Spokane Fedex C208 244 nm CP
CYYZ Toronto Fedex B752 1807 nm CJ
CYYJ Victoria Fedex C208 34 nm CP
CYYJ Victoria Skylink Express C208 34 nm CP
CYWG Winnipeg Fedex B752 1006 nm CJ

Note: UPS A332 is used in place of their B767. You can change it to B752 if you’d like. DHL B77L and B752 are used in place of their B767. FedEx B77L is used in place of their 767

WestJet Virtual routes
ICAO Destination Airline Aircraft Distance Gates Claims
CYYC Calgary WestJet B737 371 nm DN / DNP @Canadian_Aviator
CYYC Calgary WestJet Encore DH8D 371 nm DN / DNP @preston
MMUN Cancun WestJet B737 / B738 2416 nm IN / INP
CYQQ Comox WestJet Encore DH8D 73 nm DN / DNP
CYXC Cranbrook WestJet Encore DH8D 290 nm DN / DNP
CYEG Edmonton WestJet B737 437 nm DN / DNP
CYEG Edmonton WestJet Encore DH8D 437 nm DN / DNP @CanadianNorth
PHNL Honolulu WestJet B738 2351 nm USNP
MMBT Huatulco WestJet B737 2399 nm IN / INP
PHOG Kahuliu WestJet B738 2323 nm USN / USNP
CYLW Kelowna WestJet B737 155 nm DN / DNP @MJP_27
CYLW Kelowna WestJet Encore DH8D 155 nm DN / DNP @Ethan_Lee1
PHKO Kona WestJet B738 2368 nm USN / USNP
KLAS Las Vegas WestJet B737 / B738 862 nm USN / USNP
PHLI Lihue WestJet B738 2366 nm USN / USNP
EGKK London Gatwick WestJet B789 4114 nm IN / INP
KLAX Los Angeles WestJet B738 940 nm USN / USNP
MMMZ Mazatlan WestJet B737 1756 nm INP
CYCD Nanaimo WestJet Encore DH8D 28 nm DN / DNP @ILOVE7879-2.0
KSNA Orange County WestJet B737 961 nm USN / USNP
KMCO Orlando WestJet B738 2280 nm USN / USNP
KPSP Palm Springs WestJet B737 / B738 969 nm USN / USNP
KPHX Phoenix WestJet B738 1069 nm USN / USNP
CYXS Prince George WestJet Encore DH8D 282 nm DN / DNP
MMPR Puerto Vallarta WestJet B737 1915 nm IN / INP
CYQR Regina WestJet B737 719 nm DN / DNP
CYXE Saskatoon WestJet B738 650 nm DN / DNP @texasaviation
CYXT Terrace WestJet Encore DH8D 374 nm DN / DNP
CYYZ Toronto Pearson WestJet B737
1807 nm DN / DNP
CYYJ Victoria WestJet B737 34 nm DN / DNP
CYYJ Victoria WestJet Encore DH8D 34 nm DN / DNP
CYWG Winnipeg WestJet B737 1006 nm DN / DNP

Note: there is no WestJet livery for the Boeing 787-9 in the game. You can vote for it here, but for now you’ll have to use the generic livery.

Air Canada Virtual routes
ICAO Destination Airline Aircraft Distance Gates Claims
PANC Anchorage Air Canada A320 1153 nm USN / USNP
ZBAA Beijing Capital Air Canada B789 4585 nm IN / INP
KBOS Boston Air Canada E190 2178 nm USN / USNP
CYYC Calgary Air Canada A319 371 nm DN / DNP
MMUN Cancun Air Canada Rouge A319 2416 nm IN / INP
CYQQ Comox Air Canada Express DH8D 73 nm DN / DNP
VIDP Delhi Air Canada B789 6014 nm IN / INP
CYEG Edmonton Air Canada A319 436 nm DN / DNP
CYXJ Fort St. John Air Canada Express DH8D 432 nm DN / DNP
EDDF Frankfurt Air Canada B789 4353 nm IN / INP
EGLL Heathrow Air Canada B789 4092 nm IN / INP
VHHH Hong Kong Air Canada B789 5545 nm IN / INP
PHNL Honolulu Air Canada B763 2351 nm USW / USWP
MMZH Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo Air Canada A320 2170 nm IN / INP
CYKA Kamloops Air Canada Express DH8D 139 nm DN / DNP @Oskapew
CYLW Kelowna Air Canada Express DH8D 155 nm DN / DNP
KLAS Las Vegas Air Canada B789 862 nm USW / USWP
KLAX Los Angeles Air Canada A321 940 nm USN / USNP
MMSD Los Cabos Air Canada A320 1688 nm IN / INP
MMMX Mexico City Air Canada A319 2130 nm IN / INP
CYUL Montreal Air Canada A319/A320 1988 nm DN / DNP
CYCD Nanaimo Air Canada Express DH8D 28 nm DN / DNP
KEWR Newark Air Canada B789 2105 nm USW / USWP
RJBB Osaka Kansai Air Canada B789 4284 nm IN / INP
CYOW Ottawa Air Canada A319 1918 nm DN / DNP
LFPG Paris Charles de Gaulle Air Canada B789 4280 nm IN / INP
CYYF Penticon Air Canada Express DH8D 141 nm DN / DNP
KPHX Phoenix Air Canada A319 1069 nm USN / USNP
KPDX Portland Air Canada Express DH8D 218 nm USN / USNP
CYXS Prince George Air Canada Express DH8D 282 nm DN / DNP
CYPR Prince Rupert Air Canada Express DH8D 407 nm DN / DNP
MMPR Puerto Valarta Air Canada A319 1915 nm IN / INP
CYQR Regina Air Canada Express CRJ9 719 nm DN / DNP
KSFO San Francisco Air Canada A321 696 nm USN / USNP
CYXE Saskatoon Air Canada Express CRJ9 650 nm DN / DNP
KSEA Seattle Tacoma Air Canada Express DH8D 110 nm USN / USNP
RKSI Seoul Air Canada B789 4428 nm IN / INP
ZSPD Shanghai Pudong Air Canada B789 4868 nm IN / INP
CYYD Smithers Air Canada Express DH8D 369 nm DN / DNP
YSSY Sydney Air Canada B77L 6750 nm IN / INP @Ryan_Gibb
CYXT Terrace Air Canada Express DH8D 374 nm DN / DNP
RJAA Tokyo Narita Air Canada D789 4051 nm IN / INP
CYYZ Toronto Air Canada B77W 1807 nm DWP
CYYJ Victoria Air Canada Express DH8D 34 nm DN / DNP
CYXY Whitehorse Air Canada Express DH8D 801 nm DN / DNP
CYWG Winnipeg Air Canada Express CRJ9 1006 nm DN / DNP
CYZF Yellowknife Air Canada Express DH8D 848 nm DN / DNP

How to reserve a flight/gate

To reserve a flight please reply with a quote of the flight you want to have. If there are multiple aircraft choses for the flight, you should additionally specify that in your reservation.
Gate reservations are handled by organizers and are subject to change at any time. If there would be any change that will affect your reservation, you will be tagged in the reply and the change will be explained.

Aircraft ICAO code reference
ICAO Aircraft
A319 Airbus A319
A320 Airbus A320
A321 Airbus A321
A332 Airbus A330-200(F)
A333 Airbus A330-300
A359 Airbus A350-900
A388 Airbus A380-800
B737 Boeing 737-700
B738 Boeing 737-800
B739 Boeing 737-900
B739 Boeing 737-900
B744 Boeing 747-400
B752 Boeing 757-200
B763 Boeing 767-300
B739 Boeing 737-900
B772 Boeing 777-200
B77L Boeing 777-200LR
Boeing 777-200F
B77W Boeing 777-300ER
B788 Boeing 787-8
B789 Boeing 787-9
C208 Cessna 208
DH8D Bombardier DASH8 Q400
E170 Embraer ERJ 170
E190 Embraer ERJ 190
CRJ7 Bombardier CRJ700
CRJ9 Bombardier CRJ900
DC10 Douglas DC10

Gate reservations

You will be assigned a gate once you reserve a flight. Please note that your gate might be changed at any time to accomidate bigger aircraft.

Gate Group Map

Domestic gates (D) (33/41)

Gate categories
DN - Gates for narrowbody aircraft
DNP - Gates for narrow-body aircraft of partner airlines
DWP - Gates for widebody aircraft of partner airlines

Gate Group ICAO Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate 6 DN
Gate 7 DN
Gate 8 DN
Gate 9 DN
Gate 10 DN
Gate 12A DN
Gate 13 DN
Gate 14 DN
Gate 15 DN
Gate 16 DN
Gate 17 DN
Gate 18 DN
Gate 19 DN
Gate 20 DN
Gate 21 DN
Gate 22 DN
Gate 23A DN
Gate 23B DN
Gate 23C DN
Gate 26 DN
Gate 27 DN
Gate 28 DN
Gate 29 DN
Gate 30 DN
Gate 31 DN
Gate 32 DN
Gate 33 DN
Gate 34 DN
Gate 35 DN CYYC Calgary DH8D @preston
Gate 36 DN CYYC Calgary B737 @Canadian_Aviator
Gate 37 DN
Gate 38 DN CYKA Kamloops DH8D @Oskapew
Gate 39 DNP CYEG Edmonton DH8D @CanadianNorth
Gate 40 DNP CYCD Nanaimo DH8D @ILOVE7879-2.0
Gate 41 DNP CYLW Kelowna B737 @MJP_27
Gate 42 DNP CYXE Saskatoon B737 @texasaviation
Gate 43 DNP CYLW Kelowna DH8D @Ethan_Lee1
Gate 44 DWP
Gate 46 DWP
Gate 47 DWP
Gate 48 DWP
Transborder gates (US) (17/20)

Gate categories
USN - Gates for narrowbody aircraft
USW - Gates for widebody aircraft
USNP - Gates for narrowbody aircraft of partner airlines
USWP - Gates for widebody aircraft of partner airlines

Gate Group ICAO Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate 76 USW
Gate 77 USWP
Gate 78 USWP
Gate 79 USNP
Gate 80 USNP
Gate 81 USNP
Gate 82 USNP
Gate 83 USNP
Gate 84 USN KEWR Newark B738 @William_Walker
Gate 86 USN KATL Atlanta B739 @Tharealjaay
Gate 87 USN KORD Chicago B739 @OT359
Gate 88 USN
Gate 90 USN
Gate 91 USN
Gate 92 USN
Gate 93 USN
Gate 94 USN
Gate 95A USN
Gate 95B USN
Gate 96 USN
International gates (I) (15/20)

Gate categories
IN - International gates
INP - International gates for aircraft of partner airlines, IN if full

Gate Group ICAO Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate 49 IN
Gate 50 IN
Gate 51 IN
Gate 52 IN
Gate 53 IN
Gate 54 IN
Gate 55 IN
Gate 56 IN
Gate 60 IN
Gate 61 IN
Gate 62 IN
Gate 63 IN VHHH Hong Kong A359/B77W @CaptainN
Gate 64 IN BIKF Reykjavik B752 @Sam73628
Gate 65 IN YSSY Sydney B744 @CaptainLunardo
Gate 66 IN
Gate 67 IN NZAA Auckland B77W @Airliner
Gate 70 INP
Gate 71 INP
Gate 73 INP YSSY Sydney B77L @Ryan_Gibb
Gate 75 INP
Cargo gates (C) (25/26)

Gate categories
CP - Gates for prop aircraft
CJ - Gates for jet aircraft
CW Gater for widebodies (B77L, A332)

Gate Group ICAO Destination Aircraft Pilot
DHL Express Ramp 01 CJ
DHL Express Ramp 02 CJ
DHL Express Ramp 03 CJ
FedEx Ramp 01 CW KMEM Memphis B77L @IFCaptainNore
FedEx Ramp 02 CW
FedEx Ramp 03 CW
South Terminal Ramp 01C CP
South Terminal Ramp 01D CP
South Terminal Ramp 01E CP
South Terminal Ramp 01F CP
South Terminal Ramp 01G CP
South Terminal Ramp 01H CP
South Terminal Ramp 01J CP
South Terminal Ramp 01K CP
South Terminal Ramp 01L CP
South Terminal Ramp 01M CP
South Terminal Ramp 02A CP
South Terminal Ramp 02B CP
South Terminal Ramp 02C CJ
South Terminal Ramp 02D CJ
South Terminal Ramp 02E CJ
South Terminal Ramp 02F CJ
South Terminal Ramp 02G CJ
UPS Ramp 01 CW
UPS Ramp 02 CW
UPS Ramp 03 CW

VA partners

Founded in December of 2018, WestJet Virtual is a professionally oriented Virtual Airline based off the Canadian carrier WestJet. We offer a diverse and professional aroma within our Virtual Airline, offering real routes along our Group Airlines, a funded crew center with codeshare additions and and active support for any issues, a modern up-to-date website, and multiple programs to suit all pilots. Everyday we aim to be different, and make ourselves stand out with new ideas and characteristics. We also want to offer a healthy, welcoming environment that all pilots feel part of, and not distant to. Our staff have put in days of work, morning to night, revamping this Virtual Airline, meeting the pilot’s needs, not ours. Along with that, our Virtual Airline is constantly changing to keep pace with the modern pilot, but remaining diversity.

Thread Apply (Maple Leaf) Apply (Banff National Park)

Air Canada Virtual Airlines was founded in January of 2018 by Sean Hickey. He brought together a team of 5 individuals from many different VA’s with many different talents. Within 5 days of opening, we had over 25 active pilots and were immediately making an impact in the community. In June of 2018, Sean decided that it was best if he moved on and put the VA in the hands of Nate. Since then, we have made many staff changes, updates & more all for the improvement of the VA’s quality by following the saying, “quality over quantity.” That is something we believe in and stick to every day as we add things to improve this VA!

Thread Apply

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Can I have this one please? WSVG51

Of course you can Ethan. Glad that the first sign up is from a partner VA, signed you up for gate 75

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Could I please have Edmonton route with the
Dash 8Q400 WestJet Encore Please CYEG Edmonton WestJet Encore DH8D 437 nm DNP

Oh hey, another WestJet virtual pilot. You might want to invite someone to fly that route in the 737 with you, will feel like a fighter jet intercept in a Q400

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What server?

Whoops, that’s the thing I forgot to add, but it’s expert. Thanks for the heads up!

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Ok, can’t attend. Sorry I’m only Grade 2😢

My new home 😁🤭 WSVG010 hope to have wifi by them

I’ll take an Air Canada A319 to YEG please! Nice flyout!

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Reserved a spot just for you 😘. Hope you’ll learn to also be ILOVEDH8D during this short flight

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I think ill make an Excuse for the day with the plane

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Thanks for the nice words, I’ll give you Gate 38 in return.

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Thank you!

Could I possibly request this gate? I’m not part of ACVA though.

No worries, it’s a domestic flight so you can take any narrow-body flight you want which I just made happen

Thank you!

Can I have this? I am not part of WSVG

Alright, you’ll be part of gate 36 then

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Thank you