12DEC20 / 1700Z - Pingu's Event Series 1.1 - Visiting Orange County // @KSNA

Yeah, would not recommend allowing suspended users to participate.

Also, could you add a Spirit A320 to Oakland for me? They start operations on Tuesday (11/17), actually, so it should work out. They’ll probably be near the Southwest gates.


Gotcha. Just to clarify, would you like me to add the gate and sign you up, or just add the gate?

Sign me up too, please. How could I miss out on my home airport?

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Yeah I was thinking how could you miss this event!

I’ll take a United 737-800 to ORD

You got it!

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May I take this one?

Yes you may!


Thank you sir!

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Do you know if Air Canada is planning on starting flights to Vancouver? I mean I took a look at their website and it appears there are flights in December:

If yes, I would like to take a gate for Vancouver with Air Canada A319 (from what I heard Air Canada was planning to operate the route with that aircraft).

It’s not set in stone due to the pandemic.

Hmmm okay. Could I still take a gate though?

Where do be @anon74260613?

Angry SNA noises

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There are plans for Allegiant and SunCountry to start next year too.

Is there anyway I can get a flight to Nashville?
SWA 737-700
Edit: nvm I can’t make it sorry

Anyway I could get a GA departure in a Corporate A318 to MMTJ?

Can I have this gate please :)

@Philippe_Gilbert sure, if you can find out which gate Air Canada is going to use. :)
@AliAlex, I’ll see you there!
@saam thanks for signing up!

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Same place as WestJet.

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