12AUG22: Boise International Flyout!

You can take center if you like

Which timezone.is the event start time in?

7:00 PST, 8:00 CST, 9:00 MST 10:00 EST. Those are the time for each time zone (U.S)


Event bump! If anyone is interested in flying an A10 instead, A10 gates are now available! Please reply below if you still want a gate! 1 week until this event!

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I assume you mean “a320”. Either way, Ill take it!

You are signed up! Yeah I meant the A320 😅

funny ICATO so ill take this one

Lol it is, you are signed up

Thanks for coming we’ll sign you up!

Can I take Alaska 2256, Q400 to Idaho Falls, gate 4?

This one please since its the only one remaining lol

@Cryptronic11 @Csnake you guys are signed up!

Can I control the KBOI CENTER ATC

Yep, thanks for helping with ATC

Thanks for signing up!

4 Days till event!


Could I get the gate going to Memphis

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Of course! You are signed up

Thank you👍🏾

Thanks for signing up!