12AUG22 / 1700z - The MASSIVE Qatar Flyout! @OTHH

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From tommorow I will not be able to sign you guys up as I am gonna be on a One Week holiday in Greece. Thank you all for the sign ups :)))

Hello, i do not know how to post on here but i am very interested in this event i would like to take this gate: | A10 | QR131 | To: Rome (LIRF) 3D | Qatar Airways 787-8 | - | ? If thats possible thanks!

This please

@RickysAviationYT This one please :)

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E03R | QR209 | To: Santorini (LGSR) | Qatar Airways A319

This please

to mumbai pls qatar wish me luck in foggy mumbai lol

This one please going to London

Can I take this one but do same flight as you?

Ill take this one :)

Hello Ricky, this is a interesting event and I will join it, I will be taking the flight to Islamabad pls, thanks

Unfortunately, I am going to have to cancel this event because I will not be available on this week plus the week after I have a ifc event all ready to post! I hope I can reschedule this for September but for now I will not be accepting anyone to this event! Thank you and have a nice day!


:( im so sad. I was so excited

Ricky I’ll be flying to Jeddah on saudia a319

Hey Ricky, expect Air India 747 at Doha(as usual, as expected, like always) 🙂