12AUG21 / 1900Z - Turkish Long Haul to Southeast Asia! @ LTFM - WSSS

  • Aircraft and Livery: Turkish B789, Singapore Airlines A359

  • Route: Istanbul (LTFM) - Singapore Changi (WSSS)

  • Time of Departure: 2021-08-12T19:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

Additional Information:

  • Flight will take around 10 hours

  • Cruising altitude and speed: FL350 // FL370, M.0.85

  • Copy the flight plan from me, my callsign will be TC-QXI

  • Spawn at Concourse A

  • Departing Runway 35R (subject to change)

This is my first time posting in this category, feel free to correct me if I have made any mistakes.

Departing in 20 minutes!

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