1230Z 30TH OCT | SINGAPORE - DENPASAR | SQ A333 | Rickys Aviation & Nikhil Wong

Welcome everyone, today @RickysAviationYT and I (@Nikhil_Wong) will be your host for this event, which will be from the Lion City (Singapore) to The Capital of the great Bali Island (Denpasar). Event info will be down below so scroll down to find out more…

Date - 30th of October
Server - This event will take place on the training server

Departure Airport - WSSS (Changi, Singapore)
Arrival Airport - WADD (Denpasar, Indonesia)

Time - 1230Z
Some times conversions -
Mumbai - 6:00PM
London - 1:30PM
Los Angeles - 5:30AM
New York - 8:30AM
Australia - 11:30PM

Flight Information -
Aircraft - Singapore Airlines A333
Fuel - 20,664KG
Cruise Altitude - FL390
Climb Profile - 250/300/80
Descend Profile - 80/300/250
Planned runway departure - 20R
Planned arrival runway - 09

Weather and METAR Will be given on that day itself

If anyone would like to be ATC Please message me on the IFC Or Discord - Nikhil_W#3158

Please leave a reply if you are joining and we will add you to a gate

A way to communicate with each other during the flight will be edited into this post soon.

We hope to see you there and stay safe.


Come join us guys! it will be epic !!

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Hey if you want i can be ATC

I can be departure and arrival ATC.😉

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