[122 gates available] [4 attending] Huge Milan flyout | @LIMC - 061830ZJUL19

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Milan Malpensa Airport is the largest international airport in the Milan metropolitan area in northern Italy. It serves 15 million inhabitants in Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria, as well as those living in the Swiss region of Canton Ticino. The airport is located 49 kilometres (30 mi) northwest of central Milan, next to the Ticino river (dividing Lombardy and Piedmont). The airport has two terminals and two runways as well as a dedicated cargo terminal.

In 2017, Malpensa Airport handled 22,169,167 passengers and was the 26th busiest airport in Europe in terms of passengers and 2nd busiest airport in Italy in terms of passengers. Until 2008, Malpensa Airport was a major hub for flag carrier Alitalia. Malpensa Airport remains the second-busiest Italian airport for international passenger traffic, and the busiest for freight and cargo, handling over 500,000 tons of international freight annually.

Server: Expert

Airport : LIMC

Time : 1830Z2019-07-06T18:30:00Z

NOTAM: Please be professional. Please use Unicom properly if there is no ATC. Please spawn into your gate 15/10 minutes prior to the event start. Gate requests will close 20 minutes before the event starts.


Terminal 1

Gate 401 Emirates A380 to KJFK
Gate 404 Alitalia B777-200 to KJFK
Gate 495 Alitalia B777-200 to RJAA
Gate 407 Qatar B787-9 to OTHH
Gate 408 United B767 to KEWR
Gate 499 Emirates A380 to OMDB @anon74338071
Gate 410 BLUE Panorama B767 (generic livery) to MUHA
Gate 412 Korean Air B777-300 to RKSI
Gate 413 Air India B787-8 to VIDP @DhruvChopra
Gate 501 LATAM Brasil B777-300 to SBGR
Gate 503 NEOS B787-9 (generic livery) to VRMM
Gate 504 Air China B777-300 to ZSPD
Gate 505 Air China B777-300 to ZBAA
Gate 506 Singapore Airlines B787-10 to WSSS
Gate 507 Cathay Pacific B777-300 to VHHH @Siddhansh
Gate 508 American Airlines B777-200 to KJFK
Gate 509 American Airlines B777-200 to KMIA
Gate 510 Azerbaijan Airlines B787-8 to UBBB
Gate 512 Air Italy A330 (generic livery) to KJFK
Gate 513 Aeroflot A321 to UUEE
Gate 601 Air France A318 to LFPG
Gate 602 Egypt Air B737-800 to HECA
Gate 604 Austrian A320 to LOWW
Gate 605 Eurowings A319 to EDDH
Gate 606 Eurowings A319 to EDDK
Gate 608 Eurowings A319 to EDDL
Gate 609 Air Italy B737-800 (generic livery) to LIRF
Gate 610 Air Italy B737-800 (generic livery) to LICJ
Gate 612 Lufthansa A320 to EDDF
Gate 613 Lufthansa A319 to EDDM
Stand 451 Alitalia A321 to LIRF
Stand 452 Alitalia A319 (generic livery) to LIRF
Stand 453 Aer Lingus A321 to EIDW
Stand 455 Eurowings A319 to EDDS
Stand 456 Finnair A321 to EFHK
Stand 551 Brussels Airlines A319 to EBBR
Stand 553 Croatian Airlines Dash8-Q400 to LDZA
Stand 554 Iberia A320 to LEMD
Stand 555 British Airways A318 to EGLL
Stand 557 British Airways A319 to EGLL
Stand 559 British Airways A320 to EGLL
Stand 651 Flybe Dash8-Q400 to EGBB
Stand 653 Flybe Dash8-Q400 to EGFF
Stand 654 Flybe Dash8-Q400 to EGCC
Stand 655 HOP! CRJ700 to LFLL
Stand 657 HOP! CRJ1000 to LFRS
Stand 658 LOT Polish Airlines B737-800 to EPWA
Stand 661 KLM B737-700 to EHAM
Stand 662 KLM B737-900 to EHAM
Stand 621 Air Italy B737-800 (generic livery) to LIEO
Stand 622 Air Italy B737-800 (generic livery) to HESH
Stand 623 Lufthansa CRJ900 to EDDM
Stand 624 Luxair Dash8-Q400 to ELLX
Stand 625 Norwegian B737-800 to ENGM
Stand 751 Ryanair B737-800 to LEMD
Stand 752 Ryanair B737-800 to LICC
Stand 753 Ryanair B737-800 to LPPR
Stand 754 Ryanair B737-800 to LEVC
Stand 755 Ryanair B737-800 to EGSS
Stand 756 Ryanair B737-800 to EDDT
Stand 757 Saudia A320 to OEJN
Stand 758 SAS A320 to EKCH
Stand 759 Swiss A319 to LSZH
Stand 760 TAP A320 to LPPT
Stand 761 Turkish A321 to LTFM
Stand 762 Vueling A320 to LFPO
Stand 763 Vueling A320 to LEBL
Stand 764 WizzAir A320 to LHBP

Terminal 2 (easyjet)

Gate 101 Easyjet A319 to EHAM
Gate 102 Easyjet A320 to LEBL
Gate 103 Easyjet A319 to LIBD
Gate 104 Easyjet A320 to EDDB
Gate 105 Easyjet A319 to LFBD
Gate 106 Easyjet A320 to LIBR
Gate 107 Easyjet A319 to LIEE
Gate 108 Easyjet A320 to LICC
Gate 109 Easyjet A319 to EKCH
Gate 110 Easyjet A320 to EGPH
Gate 111 Easyjet A319 to LPFR
Gate 112 Easyjet A320 to LEGR
Gate 113 Easyjet A319 to EPKK
Gate 114 Easyjet A320 to LICA
Gate 115 Easyjet A319 to GCRR
Gate 116 Easyjet A320 to LCLK
Gate 117 Easyjet A319 to LPPT
Gate 118 Easyjet A320 to EGKK
Stand 204 Easyjet A319 to EGGW
Stand 206 Easyjet A320 to ELLX
Stand 207 Easyjet A319 to LEMD
Stand 208 Easyjet A320 to LEMG
Stand 209 Easyjet A319 to EGCC
Stand 211 Easyjet A320 to GMMX
Stand 212 Easyjet A319 to EDDM
Stand 213 Easyjet A320 to LIRN
Stand 214 Easyjet A319 to LICJ
Stand 216 Easyjet A320 to LEPA
Stand 218 Easyjet A319 to LFPG
Stand 220 Easyjet A320 to LKPR
Stand 221 Easyjet A319 to ESSA
Stand 222 Easyjet A320 to EDDS
Stand 223 Easyjet A319 to GCTS
Stand 224 Easyjet A320 to LFBO

Cargo Terminal

Gates 701 Aerologic B777-200F to EDDP
Gates 703 Aerologic B777-200F to VHHH @simopoint
Gates 705 Air Bridge Cargo B747-8F to EHAM
Gates 706 Air Bridge Cargo B747-8F to EDDF
Gates 707 Air Bridge Cargo B747-8F to EHBK
Gates 708 Air Bridge Cargo B747-8F to UUDD
Gates 709 Cargolux B747-8F to KORD
Gates 710 Cargolux B747-8F to EGSS
Gates 711 Cargolux B747-8F to KLAX
Gates 712 Cargolux B747-8F to ELLX
Gates 713 Cargolux B747-8F to KJFK
Gates 714 Cargolux B747-8F to OMDB
Gates 715 Lufthansa Cargo B777-200F to EDDF
Gates 716 Fedex B777-200F to KMEM
Gates 717 Fedex MD-11F to KEWR
Stand 851 Turkish Cargo A330F to LTBA
Stand 853 DHL B757F to EGLL
Stand 855 DHL B757F to LEMD
Stand 857 DHL B757F to LROP
Stand 859 Emirates Cargo B777-200F to OMDW
Stand 861 Korean Air Cargo B777-200F to RKSI
Stand 863 Nippon Cargo B747-8F to RJAA

If you have any requests please tell me

Enjoy the event!

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Hi could i have the gate to VIDP Air India 787-8

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Can I get Gate 499 to OMDB?

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Cathay 777 300er to vhhh please

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@DhruvChopra @anon74338071 @Siddhansh Signed up see you at the event


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