120th Fighter Squadron livery for the F-16C

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The 140th FS is a unit of the Colorado Air National Guard 140th Air Wing that operates F-16C/D aircraft out of Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado. It was one of the first federally recognized ANG units, giving them the right to use “First in the Air Guard” as their motto. The 120th FS can trace its’ roots all the way back to the World War I era 120th Aero Squadron, giving this FS some historical precedence as well. The 120th has deployed 5 times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, most recently in 2010. They use the callsign ANVIL.

Some more info on the 120th FS:

I’d like to see this in Infinite Flight for several reasons;

  1. I live in Colorado, and I see 120th FS aircraft pass by at KAPA once in a while, and I’d love to do missions of my own like this in IF.
  2. It’s a historic ANG squadron
  3. F-16 FSs are underrepresented in IF, with only an FS from North Carolina being in the sim
  4. That little mountain range drawing at the top of the tail just looks nice on the F-16C!

I hope you consider voting for this wonderful little livery (especially my fellow Coloradans) and adding a bit more diversity in AF liveries into IF.

Nice request! I’m out of votes, but if I had more, I would vote for this…

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Thanks! Hope others vote.

I hope so too!

As a Denver area native, I see these a lot in the air.

You have my vote!


Heck yeah!! Vote cast.

I live just outside the fence of Buckley AFB and get to watch them turn and burn on the daily. They’re the reason most of my flight time on IF is in the F-16.

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That is awesome! Thanks for the vote!